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The Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel combines convenience for you and comfort for your pet. This useful and versatile pet accessory is unique among Petmate kennels because it has, as the name suggests, two doors: a traditional opening on the kennel's side and a unique flip-up door on the roof. The top-load design is great for easily reaching your small pet to feed or comfort him while in transit. This dog kennel is also ideal for housetraining young pets that are still getting used to crate training. With two doors, crating your pet or accessing him once inside is very easy and virtually hassle-free. Like all Petmate kennels, the Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel is designed with your pet's safety and comfort in mind. The design features superior ventilation and visibility from end to end. Its construction incorporates both steel wire and durable plastic, resulting in a sturdy small dog kennel. The steel front and top doors are securely latched so that the only one with the ability to get in and out of this dog kennel is you, the pet parent. Besides being both safe and comfortable for your pet, the Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel is a fashion-forward small dog carrier. The modern design and metallic colors complement stylish pets and pet parents alike. What's more, this chic kennel is ideal for holding a jet-setting pet! The 2 Door Top Load meets most international (IATA) and domestic (USDA) air travel requirements, though you should always check with your airline for their specific pet flight guidelines.
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These guys mean business and we couldn’t be more pleased with the entire transaction. After seeing them on Facebook we decided to get one ordered. We were amazed at the customer contact that showed up immediately. Throughout the entire lead time Bethany kept us involved.
When the double kennel was received last week even then I was impressed. The carrier was also top notch and delivered on time. Then when I saw the care used in packaging I knew we had a quality piece of furniture. After we opened it up again we were impressed. The dogs took to it and our family and friends love it because it truly is a quality piece of furniture. All I can say is don’t let the leadtime scare you off because the wait is totally worth it. Don’t hesitate– these guys mean business. I only can wish nothing but 100% success for these wonderful people. PetSafe Laurelview Dog Kennel with FREE Sunblock Top - Pinterest
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The Ultimate Dog Kennel System is the top pf the line kenneling system. With everything in one package to get your dog into a comfortable and healthy environment. Take a look at our full line of Ultimate Kennel systems. The Cottage View kennel is exceptionally easy to build, with an estimated construction time of less than one hour. Measuring 5 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet, this kennel is suitable for small to medium breeds, and features a solid SunBlock top to protect dogs from the sun. If additional space for multiple dogs or larger breeds is necessary, add the PetSafe Cottage View panel expansion pack. With a commercial-grade steel frame and 12-gauge chain link wire, the open-top Champion box kennel is hardwearing and offers quick-connect assembly with a lockable steel door latch to enhance security. The kennel measures 10 feet long by 5 feet wide and 6 feet high, making it suitable for dogs of any size. It is also fully customizable with add-ons such as waterproof covers, sun shade, winterization systems, and clip-on bowl systems. The Ultimate Dog Kennel System is the top pf the line kenneling system. With everything in one package to get your dog into a comfortable and healthy environment. Take a look at our full line of Ultimate Kennel systems. With the Blue Hawk outdoor dog kennel users can configure the 6-foot high panels into a 10-foot by 10-foot kennel or a 5-foot by 15-foot kennel. This open-top model is suitable for all breed sizes and offers long-lasting galvanized steel construction. Plastic dog kennels are one of the more popular dog crate choices. Not only are they lightweight, easy to clean and economical, these crates typically come apart in three pieces for portability or cleaning. Smaller plastic kennels may have a handle on the top. Large kennels sometimes come with optional wheels to make traveling with big dogs a bit easier. Plastic kennels usually have a wire cage door on the front and holes or slats on the sides to let in light and air. Consider getting a dog bed