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Jun 23, 2016 - Wahl Clipper Corp. presents its dog grooming accessories.Photo provided by Pexels
But since some dogs have fast-growing nails, you’ll need to familiarize with how long the caps stay on. You don’t want your dog clients to feel any pain when their nails start growing in! Let owners know that the caps will need to be removed by a professional groomer (preferably you!). You’ll learn to remove caps and other common accessories in QC’s new online Pet Studies course, coming soon!
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Accessorizing is a great way to highlight a dog’s unique personality. Through different colors, textures and patterns, you can make your furry clients look handsome and feel fabulous. Owners will love your finishing touches, and may even request extra pampering for their pup during the next grooming appointment! Accessories & Supplies - for self serve dog washes, groomers, and people with pets.Photo provided by PexelsDog Grooming Accessories - Lambert Vet SupplyPhoto provided by PexelsDog Grooming Accessories | AcademyPhoto provided by Pexels
Wahl Clipper Corp. presents its dog grooming accessories. Every dog is unique, and so is its breed, so the company ensures pet owners have the right grooming tools for the job, starting with the everyday essentials—brushes, combs and nail clippers. The green line is designed for small to mid-sized dogs, while the orange line is a premium line for all breeds.
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