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“We thought if we could create a subscription for each dog—then why wouldn’t we? They eat the same thing everyday—we could make the food fresh, skip the middlemen, and deliver a product that’s truly healthy, affordable, and simply not available in traditional retail channels.”
is a dog food subscription that hopes to get your dog the appropriate portion and type of food – all while skipping the store.
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Maddie had a great time helping with the review of this subscription! The one thing I would add is that I wish the first shipment came with instructions on how to transition your dog from their existing food to a new recipe. We have always done it gradually over a course of a week just to make sure it’s not a very sudden change to her diet, which can cause her to have an upset stomach. We mix the new food in with her old food slowly over time, adding more of the new food each day. It has always worked well for us and Maddie never has any problems switching foods this way! Choose between a one time purchase or a Nutrapooch subscription. Either way, your dog’s food is delivered fresh.
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Giannini this week. Marco is the CEO of The Naked Dog Box. While the name definitely drew me in, it’s the dog food inside that really caught my attention. The Naked Dog is a subscription service that will deliver high quality dog food to your door every two weeks.I had experience selling subscriptions of home goods and food. One day I was feeding my dog and thought “Hey, this would be a great product to have delivered on a schedule, and therefore a great business as well.” Most people feed their dog(s) the same amount daily. From there, I started doing market research: investigating manufacturers, ingredients, as well as the logistics involved with delivering to home in a cost-effective way.Also, he shares the promo code TopDogTips10 for our readers and listeners to try their first box of The Naked Dog food for just $10. Listen to the interview and check out the company’s website before deciding if this is right for you, but keep in mind that subscription services are much more convenient than taking weekly trips to the pet store.SPREAD THE NEWS!! What is Fetch? It's a Natural Dog Food Subscription Box to help your dog live a happy and healthy life! They help you take the guessing out of choosing treats that are both delicious and healthy for your pooch. With so many food recalls and consumers worried about what is safe and what isn't, Fetch takes care of that by including items that are top-notch. With every box, you receive 3 treats and there is no commitment. You can cancel anytime, unlike many other subscription companies. But you won't want to when you see how happy your dog is to get nummy nom-noms. Good question. I think it takes confidence to sell a subscription, because people can be reluctant to sign up for a product or service that bills automatically. But it comes down to being able to pass along additional savings to our clients for their loyalty. For Alpha Dog Food, it’s important for us to communicate the savings and convenience involved with a subscription for their pet food needs.We thought if we could create a subscription for each dogthen why wouldnt we? They eat the same thing everydaywe could make the food fresh, skip the middlemen, and deliver a product thats truly healthy, affordable, and simply not available in traditional retail channels.