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Now that you found a great float vest for your dog, go and have fun like this guy, won't you?
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This life jacket is our pick for the best quality dog life jacket. The Ruffwear K9 Float Coat dog life jacket is probably the most highly recommended dog and puppy life jacket across the board. It is not the cheapest dog life vest by any means but it does have a lot of great features that make it one of the safest, and most dog owners value safety over cost when it comes to something like a dog life jacket. The price isn’t out of reach even for limited budgets but it is higher than some of the other dog life vests that are on the market right now. The Ruffwear K9 Float Coat gets high marks for:
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"Bought a vest a couple of years ago when we bought a boat - we love it. "Monty" loves to hang out on the edge, so it's great peace of mind. He also gets a lot of attention on the water, even the Water Police were impressed. We also have a pool and as Monty loves the water, it keeps him afloat once he gets tired of "doggy paddle"" D-fa Float Doggy life vests are sized by your dog's weight and are adjustable for a range of chest girths
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Best Budget Friendly Dog Life Jacket

For affordability, our pick is the . This versatile dog flotation device fits a huge range of breeds and sizes and it has all the safety features that you need to keep your dog safe. It’s worth noting that this dog life jacket has a front float that will keep your dog’s head above the water in almost any conditions. This dog life preserver is a safety packed performer that won’t break the budget. If you have multiple dogs and need several life vests this is the best choice.The Fido Float features: collar-to-tail back zipper closure (easy on and off), reflective label and bright yellow color (aids visibility), generous closed-cell buoyancy support, U-shaped buoyancy collar keeps your dog's head above water, ergonomic fit prevents twisting, stepping or swimming out of the vest and a mesh underside for additional comfort and support. Easy care nylon makes these dog swimming vests quick to dry, long lasting and easy to store. Comes in 6 sizes.The is a performance dog life vest designed for use in the rough water conditions often encountered in rafting and kayaking. The K-9 Float Coat is ideal for use on active dogs that frequently engage in swimming and other water activities for prolonged periods of time. The Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat features several layers of closed-cell foam along with precisely sculpted contours that match the shape of the dog for maximum buoyancy and prolonged comfort. The Float Coat features a telescopic collar that adjusts to the size of the dog and protective covers for all buckles to prevent accidental release. The underside of the Float Coat contains flotation foam as well, which provides additional buoyancy for the dog.4) Some smaller dogs are not the best swimmer or might be scared to swim. This dog floatation device is comfortable on dogs of any size and lets them move as they naturally would. Who knows, maybe it can even help some dogs get over their fear of swimming. In any case, this dog life vest is a great training tool when teaching young dogs to swim.PROS: Owners adore this life vest for a number of reasons, with many reviewers impressed with the quality of the material and the extra flotation underneath the dog’s belly to keep the dog afloat (a feature that isn’t always present in other dog life jackets).By all accounts, is the No. 1 selling life preserver for dogs on the market today. This extremely popular brand is considered sturdy, durable and reliable for keeping your pooch afloat. It features a convenient top-grab and side handles for easy rescue, bright colors, and reflectors for improved visibility, fully adjustable chest and neck flaps with front float assists for keeping your dog's head above water, quick release buckles, and a durable neoprene belly-band to keep the jacket firmly in place. The handle design is a one-piece sewn strap that wraps around the belly and the back of the dog for added support. According to some customers, the handle is positioned a bit more more towards the front of the jacket causing some dogs to tip forward a little when lifted, so you need to watch out for that. Some owners complain about the durability and quality of the vest, but for the extremely affordable price, it is an overall great value life jacket.