Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Small Dogs, 8 Month Protection

Key Benefits of Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs - 8 Month Protection
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8 MonthsThis is down to the use of sustained release technology that gradually releases the chemicals over a longer period of time. There is the warning that the durability decreases with frequent swimming, taking the lifespan down to 5 months. It is clearly not entirely waterproof although it is said to be water resistant.There are also a number of user-friendly features with both the dog and owner in mind. An important convenience here is the fact that this non-greasy collar replaces the unpleasant topical solutions that some owners use. Not only does this mean that There is the added benefit here that the collar is also said to be odorless. Another interesting dog-friendly feature is the use of the quick release mechanism. This catch is released by the pressure of the dog’s own weight if it becomes trapped somehow and needs to struggle free. Results will always vary from pet to pet because of different skin conditions, the prevalence of fleas and ticks and the exposure to sunlight and water. There are plenty of 5 star seresto flea and tick collar reviews talking about miraculous results, but there are also reports of inadequate results. There are also going to be reports of collars failing completely so great results are not guaranteed. Some users criticize the poor packaging here, saying that it doesn’t indicate time spans or typical expectations.Let’s take another look at the pros and cons of this collar to weigh up the good and bad points and see if this collar really is recommendable.Pros:Cons:The problems that have been experienced with this collar show that this is not the perfect solution for all pets. Some animals will see no ill-effect and the fleas and ticks will be repelled for close to full 8 months. Others could struggle to see results after a month or have reactions to the chemicals. With a stronger clip and clearer instructions on the packaging, owners could forgive this hit-and-miss approach a little easier.
Dog Flea Collar 8 Months
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With its innovative delivery system, the Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Small Dogs & Puppies (up to 18 pounds) offers a breakthrough in tick and flea control for dogs for 8 months. Inside the unique polymer matrix of the Seresto collar are two active ingredients: imidacloprid, which has been used in products recommended by veterinarians for years to control flea infestations, and flumethrin, which effectively repels and kills ticks, larvae and nymphs. These ingredients work together in this unique flea collar to provide dual action against fleas and ticks like no other treatment! Its kills flea and tick for up to 8 months. These collars are safe for almost all kind of dog and works effectively.
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Seresto is an effective, reliable alternative to monthly flea and tick topicals. This dual-action collar repels and kills fleas & ticks for 8 consecutive months. If a flea or tick is repelled, it cannot attach and transmit disease-causing organisms. Seresto is a flea and tick collar for dogs and cats that uses exciting, innovative technology to release the active ingredients in controlled doses over an extended period of time. This means effective long-term flea and tick control without the inconvenience of monthly applications. Seresto protects your pet from fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, as well as sarcoptic mange on dogs without odor or mess. It is available in three formulations for Small Dogs up to 18 lbs, Large Dogs over 18 lbs, and Cats of all weights. Seresto starts to treat existing tick infestations within 48 hours after application and re-infesting ticks are repelled or killed in as little as six hours. Existing fleas are killed within 24 hours and re-infesting fleas are killed in as little as two hours. Once the collar is on, flea and tick infestations are effectively prevented for up to 8 months. Effectively repelling ticks can prevent several diseases that can affect dogs, like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Seresto is an effective alternative to topical flea and tick control. It is an innovative new flea and ticks collar that releases continuous active ingredients for 8 months, ensuring your pet is protected against harmful conditions that fleas and ticks can transmit. Seresto kills existing fleas on dogs in 24 hours, and reinfesting fleas within 2 hours with protection against further infestations lasting eight months. Ticks already on your pet prior to treatment may not be killed immediately and may remain visible and attached. The prevention of infestations with new ticks starts within 48 hours after application of the collar. Seresto kills lice on dogs for one month, and aids in the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange. With its unique patented technology, Seresto® offers a breakthrough of eight months in flea and tick protection for dogs or cats. Seresto® gives your clients the performance they expect from topicals, with the non-greasy convenience of an easy-to-use collar.

If you're wondering if this is like the flea and tick collars of the past, think again. Seresto® effectively kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 months. Based on the 2014 Seresto® In-Clinic Experience Trial, we have the study to prove it.