Custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel - incredible!

A Cool Fish Tank In Vet Clinic. It Is A Dog House Or A Cat Torture Chamber
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Nat Geo WILD's very own Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, recruits the Fish Tank Kings to build an aquatic oasis at his Dog Psychology Center in the California desert. This is no ordinary aquarium project...Cesar wants a massive koi fishpond where there is no viable water source for miles! While Mat and Jose struggle with water complications, Francis heads to Alabama to noodle the catfish needed to keep the koi from overpopulating the pond.
Gallery: Dogfish presents Tarriona "Tank" Ball
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The yellow version of the Dog-Faced Puffer is not the easiest color morph to find! They have the same great personality as other large puffers and need a 150 gallon tank with lots of hard shelled prey to keep their "beak" or fused teeth from growing too long. They are a joy to keep and can be kept with other pufferfish that have the same or more mild temperament. Question from CorollaGTS:how big does a fishtank have to be to support a dogfish?
Photo provided by FlickrOne day!! Dog face puffer fish. SO cool. I would love to have a salt water tank. We had a brackish water tank with weird fish for a long time.
Photo provided by FlickrNewborn at Bristol Aquarium: baby Lesser Spotted Dogfish. Just hatched. He is in the same tank with big bellied sea horses.
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2 in 1 Fish tank/Dog house Not sure if you want to get a pet fish or dog? No Need to contemplate anymore, because someone has invented a 2 in 1 fish tank/dog house. Let your pets get to know one another by letting them live side by side in this ridiculously unique product.Internet is flooding with dog lovers and they have found various ways to express their concern and lover towards man’s best friend. One of them is, other than posting selfies with his/her dog on social networks, making a rather than buying one from market. One of these DIY projects which, I find worth mentioning is by Ben Uyeda. EP13 was supposedly on top of the list until I saw this cute little DIY doghouse surrounded by a fish tank. This little gem resting in one corner of the home is a spacious doghouse that shows clean woodwork and an acrylic tank stocked firmly on thick wooden base. “Wipe your paws” doormat adds a little more to the cuteness.We brought back our popular tank top for the summer! This tank is light blue with "Dogfish Head Craft Brewery" on the front along with our hop illustrations. This custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel is simply insane! Apparently, the story goes that the photographer went to their local vet clinic to drop off their dog for surgery and was surprised to see this awesome fish tank dog house. This is a great example of the designer combining two unrelated products in an unexpected way to create something new and eye opening. Nailed it!The idea sounds creative and ridiculous at the same time as the shape of the tank doesn’t look appropriate for fishes to swim, however, the dog might enjoy company of colorful fishes flying overhead as soon as he enters his dream home.emikeii shared photos of Sophie gazing at the fish and wrote, “My dog would not leave the fishtank all weekend. We couldn’t even get her to eat…”