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Doggy Door For Sliding Glass Door
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1. You cannot use your sliding glass door’s existing lock to reliably lock the sliding glass door! With a cat or dog door in the glass, your slider functions and locks like normal.
magnificent, a seamless doggy door install into glass
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Given the wide array of dog door choices that are available in the marketplace, it's very important for pet owners to consider what their individual needs are, in addition to available product options, models, sizes and features to find the best dog door. There are plenty of dog doors for sales at various manufacturer websites and pet stores. However, we at Sawyer Glass can help you wade through the options and quickly determine which will best suit your pet, your home, and the best options for where the door is installed. Replace Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door
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Once glass has been tempered, it can't be cut. Your existing glass door or window is removed and replaced with a fully tempered glass panel with the appropriate cut out for your pet dog door. Keep the old glass and if you decide to sell your home or remove the dog door glass, just reinstall the old glass.Most in glass cat or dog doors come with a warranty. However, as far as I know, Hale Pet Doors is the only manufacturer with a 5 year pet door warranty that includes a pro-rated warranty on all parts, including door flaps and labor.My first choice for pet dog doors is a translucent gray colored Lexan security cover. Another option I recommend is Starboard® marine grade polymer security doors which are virtually indestructible and come in opaque white, black, gray or tan. The strength of the security cover is the most important factor of your choice but there are many color options in pet door frames, doggie door flaps and cat door security covers to insure your new glass door or window dog door matches the look of your home.Get a pet door installed and make you and your pets happier. High quality pet doors are energy efficient, safe and durable. Rather than opening your “people” door many times a day, a doggie door will allow your dog to go outside as many times as he needs to – whether you're home or not.You can have your pet door installed in any area of your home or garage. Through walls, through doors, in windows and sliding glass patio doors are some of the pet door installations that I've done. You may even want a pet door installed between interior rooms of your home to allow your pet free access to the basement, bedroom or bathroom – anywhere to make life easier for you and your pets. With more than 10 years in the construction business, Doggie Door Door Company offers professional installation of all pet doors sold. We can install your pet doors in doors, though walls, in French doors, in sliding glass doors and/or through windows and screens. Wall installations can be done through standard frame with stucco, brick and adobe. The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door can be installed in glass. Using a glass conversion kit, the door can go through a sliding patio door, french style door, or even a window.