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In Anglo-Saxon England, the dog days ran from various dates in mid-July to early or mid-September
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No one is quite sure which exact dates should mark the start and end of the dog days. Should the central date of the period be when the sun is passing due north of Sirius or when they rise at the same time? The former occurs on July 2, whatever the observer's latitude—but only in our part of history. The latter—when the sun and Sirius rise together depends on your latitude. From 40 degrees north latitude (Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco) the sun and Sirius come up together on August 4 and by August 15 Sirius rises a full hour before the sun. (From 30 degrees, it's about a week earlier.)
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Reserve your spot early for the Summer 2017, dates will fill up quickly! Dog Days Reservations will be accepted beginning March 15, 2017 through May 1, 2017. This year's 'Dog Days of Summer' dates are as follows:.
Photo provided by Flickrcampus and DOG DAYS codes are only valid on orientation dates.
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New students enrolling for the Fall 2017 semester will attend DOG DAYS in June or July. The registration system will open on March 15, 2017. All reservations are made online and eligible orientation dates are based on the student's major. Found this article because I was checking dog days dates. I just heard my first mockingbird in several weeks so knew it must be over. Connie Mack, are you in North Florida? I see you just heard them too. Can anyone help point me to the reason why mockingbirds stop singing during dog days? I haven’t been able to find research on itDog Days dates are determined by major. If your major of interest has changed since you applied to the university you will have the option to change your major for Dog Days purposes only. You must submit a change of major form to Admissions to make the change official with the university. All students will receive a parking permit code when you make your orientation reservation. Yellow parking permit machines are located throughout campus and DOG DAYS codes are only valid on orientation dates. Fresno State’s summer orientation for incoming and students will run June 13 to July 26 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The orientation sessions prepare students new to campus for the fall semester. Instruction begins on Aug. 22. Sessions are available for parents in English, or . (Dog Days sessions for were held May 25 and June 3). A campus resource fair, safety discussion and tours are also offered. INFO: or call . See freshmen and dates at a.During Dog Days students and guests will be navigating through several locations on the Fresno State campus. You can download a map and a parking permit for the upcoming Summer 2017 Dog Days. Keep in mind the parking permits are only valid on the dates printed on the parking permit.

I thought ‘dog days’ happened at a slightly different time each year. Sirius is not in alignment with the sun on July 23 every year. I was hoping you could give me exact dates for this year. This information is hard to find. Thanks.The term “Dog Days” dates back to Greek times. Sirius, the dog star, was prominent in the heavens during late summer a millennium or two ago, and was believed responsible for the awful weather.