do they make dog crates for great danes

The 1154U Big Dog Crate is a drop pin crate suitable for Great Danes and other dogs 110lbs+.
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While searching for an appropriate dog crate, consider how big you expect your Great Dane to grow. Great Danes are known for how big they get.
usually show a strength rating based on weight of dog.
Average weight of adult male Great Dane = 130-180 lbs
Average weight of adult female Great Dane = 110-150 lbs
The SL54DD Crate is a two door drop pin crate suitable for Great Danes and other dogs 110lbs+.
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There are various factors involving the purchase of the proper dog crate for Great Danes. We will provide some tips on choosing the dog crates at the end of the article. The benefits of getting a dog crate for Great Danes can be seen in the following video by MidWest
Photo provided by FlickrTo choose a proper dog crate for Great Danes, we would need to consider her size and the material of the crate.
Photo provided by FlickrThere are a few criteria that we employ when we recommend some of the soft dog crates for Great Danes.
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The problem with these dogs, along with other giant bread dogs, is the size of them! Regular wire dog crates usually go up to 35" high, and many Great Danes stand 3ft or more. (for more information on the Great Dane breed, you can visit .)Midwest Single-Door Pet crate is an ideal dog crate for Great Danes. It has a single door and can be folded for portability. The plastic tray at the bottom of the crate can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. It is also very popular with owners of strong dogs as they can withstand the usual knocks and bumps that their dog has against the crate.Pro Select Empire Cage is actually one of the strongest, most durable and resilient dog cages that you can find. This makes it the Best dog crate for great danes.When you purchase this Best Dog Crate For Great Danes, it comes with the durable leak-proof pan. Also, there are 4 rubber feet at the bottom of the crate, which is good as it can prevent your floor from being scratched.As a complete package, consider getting the . It can be laid on the floor of the crate as an added comfort for your Great Danes. It can retain heat during winter, and it can also keep your dog cool during summer.Need a crate for Great Danes.. Or are you a lucky parent with a new Great Dane puppy who's searching like crazy for info on these giant dog crates?Great Danes are large sized dogs that can grow up to 34 inches in height. Some owners might deliberately choose a bigger crate so that the extra space can be used for sanitary purposes. Although plastic crates can be sturdier than wire crates, there in fact many wire crates out in the market that can be as sturdy as their plastic cousins. If you fear the dog’s privacy, you can always cover it with a cloth!Obviously the crate is too big for proper potty training, you will have to section it off to the appropriate size for your puppy. Crate divider offered here fits the 1154U crate only. You can section-off the SL54DD dog crate yourself using by getting creative with some cut plywood or other material. No sense in wasting money on a variety of puppy crates, Danes grow too rapidly. This is definitely a crate for Great Danes that your little puppy will "grow into":)