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Dog Crate Tough Indestructible Steel Dog Kennels for Pickup Truck Bed.
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Anyone travel with their dog in the truck bed with a regular wire crate that is strapped down? My TV is in my sig. We have 3 kids - 5, 3, 1 that sit back there all in car seats of course. We used to own 3 dogs but the last passed away around 2 yrs ago. When we had just our last dog (60#) we had room for him on the floor of the back with the kids. Now our kids are bigger and we just adopted a pound puppy. He is 9 months old and a mastiff mix. He currently weighs in at 55# and is gaining weight! My boys are only going to get bigger as will our dog so space will rapidly run out back there. Plus right now we store the baby's bottle, snacks and all of that fun stuff on the long trips.
What kind of crate do you use in the bed of the truck for your dog(s)?
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If an Intermediate or Large Crate will be in the back of an SUV or a truck bed with a topper, check out the for the top of the crate, perfect for holding gloves, retrieving dummies, whistles, e-collars, leads, dog treats, and any other dog or hunting gear you need to have stored. Heavy Duty Crate for Truck Bed - German Shepherd Dog Forums
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DIAMOND DELUXE is the premier brand of aluminum dog boxes, dog crates, dog hauling trailers, truck bed covers and custom built units for animal transportation. DIAMOND DELUXE units are constructed of 100% aluminum. Not only are DIAMOND DELUXE dog boxes attractive with their tread brite exterior, but they are also lightweight and will never rust or rot like other brands of dog box. Most all of DIAMOND DELUXE dog boxes are lightweight enough to be loaded and unloaded by one person with ease.FACT This is the safest method of transportation for your pet. If an accident should occur you significantly reduce the chance of injury for your pet. Make sure that the crate is fastened in the truck bed. A bed topper would be a great option to protect your pooch from the wind and other weather conditions.
Remember, letting your dog ride unsecured in the back of a pickup truck is not only unsafe and potentially deadly for dogs, it’s illegal in some states. Most states that don’t yet have legislation in place to protect dogs from this dangerous practice, are working on it. Regardless of the law, responsible pet owners have a moral duty to ensure the health and safety of their companion animals, especially when it comes to road safety. A secured airline crate, IMO, is the second best way to transport dogs in the bed of a truck; for cold or wet weather get a crate cover. Cabella sells a ; but I don't know how well it would do in a crash.To the OP what ever you do decide to do, do NOT buy a collapsible crate. That would offer ZERO protection for your pet. Going to the store with a dog in the bed of a truck is one thing, traveling long distances RV'ing is another. IMHO seeing other people do it doesn't make for making it a wise decision. You would constantly have to be aware of the weather and temperature, and what would you do when it started pouring down rain?I can drive from home to our summer place on any given summer weekend, and will see at least 25 trucks with their dogs crated in the bed. It is common, safe and IMO a humane way for the dogs to travel. On the same trip, I will see at least 10 ranchers with their dogs roaming free in the bed or in many cases on a flatbed. also, I see the dogs inside the horse trailer, under the feet of the horses. As a rancher myself, I always had my dogs in the truck cab or crated, never running loose in the back. I used either an airline crate or an aluminum dog kennel, never a wire crate.There are other alternatives to drivers of pickup trucks. If possible, allow your dog to ride with you. For safety, your dog should still be restrained inside the cab with a carrier or crate, dog , or pet barrier. If your dog must ride in the truck bed, consider a truck topper to keep your dog safely confined and protected from wind and road debris. The next safest option is to place your dog in a which you tie securely to your truck bed. There are also special cross-tether restraints with short leashes that keep your dog inside the truck bed and eliminate the risk of choking.