VSA Dog Trainer Course Graduate

 The Courses are expressly designed to build your relationship with your dog. .
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Course Prerequisites: Previously completed Beginner Agility or have prior instructor approval. Your dog cannot exhibit aggressiveness or excessive shyness towards people or other dogs and must be able to focus on handler and work off-leash around other dogs.
Our online courses will make you and your dog both want to celebrate! Click  to find out why.
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Stage 9 of our dog training course was written by our Founder Steven Appelbaum. Mr. Appelbaum is the President of Animal Behavior College, Inc. (ABC) and was the owner and builder of the nation's largest independent dog training company Animal Behavior & Training Associates, Inc. (ABTA) for more than 10 years. Mr. Appelbaum shares his journey and business building secrets—from hanging flyers up in grocery stores to procuring an exclusive agreement with Petco Animal Supplies to provide dog training classes for more than 500 Petco stores nationwide. Our online courses will make you and your dog both want to celebrate! Click  to find out why.
Photo provided by FlickrVSA Dog Trainer Course Graduate
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The Doggie Fun Zone is an amazing, thrilling and entertaining fun and run multi-dimensional lure motivated obstacle course. “Having way cool fun with your dog” is the spirit and mission of the Doggie Fun Zone, where your dog is always the star. Click “Learn More” and see what all the excitement is about.
Cesar Millan’s unique Courses are six-week programs meeting once weekly at the Dog Psychology Centers in Southern California and Florida. Taught by Cesar’s handpicked trainers, topics range from Mastering the Walk to Search and Rescue.
Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I is a five-day, hands-on course designed and taught by Cesar Millan, based on his unique gifts and insights into dog behavior and psychology. You will learn what you need to know to have a balanced, fulfilled dog and to be the best Pack Leader you can be. The Instructor Training Courses (ITC) are between three and a half to five full days of instruction depending on the course. We welcome auditors as well as full participants. ITC include lunch, snacks, and a completion celebration where we honor students with attendance certificates, trophies and awards. Each course is carefully designed to maximize your learning through a combination of workshops, dog training sessions, presentations, activities, games, lecture , discussion and homework assignments. Class hours run between 8 - 9 hours per day. Classes are limited in size to insure individual attention. "It (the Instructor Training Course) was undoubtedly one of the most incredible dog events I have ever attended…I will never forget it." JS All courses have an interactive format with limited enrollment for lots of individual attention in a supportive environment. Courses are limited to between 10 - 12 full time students depending on the staffing and location. The format includes: practice instructing, presentations, group projects, video analysis, games, and lecture. Our courses are always located at an animal shelter and include training shelter dogs. We provide educational opportunities without the pressure of testing or requirements for completion.