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Tessa the Lion - Homemade Costume for Dogs
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Lion Dog Costume Poor Cookie, she's going to be subjected to this at Halloween....
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Well, we have this Lion Pet Costume. It will make your precious George into a wild lion. The kind that likes to have milk bones, and likes to snatch a tennis ball out of the air. He will be the cutest lion in on the plains (or in the neighborhood). Sure he may not like getting into it at first, but bribe him with treats like when you take him to the vet. Because who doesn’t want to see a dog as a lion? We do!Halloween Lion Mane Dog Wig Costume for your Medium/Large Sized Dog - Soft Brown Fluffy Warm Polyester Wig, Pair Attached Ears, Friendly Lion Costumes for Pets, Party Lion Mask for Costume Contest ** To view further for this item, visit the image link.The Wizard of Dogs...cutest dog costumes ever! Found on Facebook-The Dog Snobs October 11 at 7:15pm If you're going put your dogs in costumes, don't mess around - do it up right. Gibson as the Scarecrow, Flynn as the Cowardly Lion, Julie as Dorothy and Bravo as the Tin Man. ( submitted by Sue Z)Roar! Does your dog remind you of a wild animal sometimes? Give him a costume that suits his personality and make him a lion for Halloween. Via: Not fair, your dog would win every costume contest. And if you said it was my friend dressed as a dog in a lion could bring him to the bar.How about getting one of these dog lion mane Halloween costumes? Let your best friend in on all of the fun during Halloween. Make him the star of the costume party with one of these lion mane kits for dogs.Dog lion mane Halloween costumes. Have you ever thought about dressing your dog up as a lion? Imagine how much fun that would be! Halloween is coming soon.Here is a dogs costume kit for Wizard of Oz fans. It’s the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz movie. Do you have a small dog breed? These are for smaller dogs.