Pirates Carrying A Treasure Chest Creative Costume For Dogs

Husky Treasure Chest Dog Halloween Costume LMAO.
Photo provided by Flickr
Now here’s a truly original costume. We’re sure plenty of pets have been dressed up as a pirate before, but not in this way. This costume takes advantage of the dog’s front and hind legs by actually being two costumes in one. Add in a cat head, some fake hands, and a treasure chest, and you have two pirates hauling off some serious booty. Well, actually one of the fake hands is a hook, which makes it even cooler. The pirate costumes alone are top-notch, but this costume wins in creativity for using the dog’s hind legs and tail to create a cat. This is a must for trick-or-treating, as the more the dog walks around, the funnier it is. By the looks of this photo, the owner got the dog out and about to show off this super cool costume.

Husky Treasure Chest Dog Halloween Costume.
Photo provided by Flickr
This one is a remarkable creative costume that gets your dog dressed up as Jack Sparrow and his Pirate using a marvellous mannequin head rest on his butt. To add to the charm of the costume, the project makes them carry a treasure chest full of precious jewels, gold and silver on the back ! To gain an insight into how a raw idea has been transformed into a magical Halloween ensemble, check out this interesting video and the accompanying instructions. Pirates Carrying a Treasure Chest - Creative Costume for Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrDog Pirate Carrying Treasure Chest - DIY Costume for Dogs - Photo 2/3
Photo provided by FlickrTreasure Chest Dog Costume Love this pic.
Photo provided by Flickr
Checkout this adorable dog costume. If you look closely the front portion of the costume is one pirate, the back part is another and the middle is the treasure chest. Sure, we’ve seen a many of a costume, but this has to be the most unique animal outfit to ever grace our digital presence.