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DN1824 - Classic Houndstooth Dog Harness Coat with Leash; Black & White or Pink and White
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These harness dog coats use two different types of fabrics for the warmth shells. Some are made of fleece and others have corduroy outers, that naturally repels water and snow, both have faux lamb wool linings. They are designed to protect your dog while keeping them comfortable, warm, and dry. The fit is great for large breeds. As seen in the photo there are no sleeves and lays like a blanket over your dog.

This uniquely designed dog warmth coat will fit your dog like no other, with many sizes to choose from. Whether your pup is long, short, slim, or wide you will love the fit of this coat.

Made in the USA. Machine washable.

Below are many sizes to choose from that will fit small, long, slim, and wider dogs. Please follow the measuring tips and chart below to select the correct size.

Back: Measure your dog's back from the base of the neck (not from the shoulders) to the base of their tail.
Chest: Measure your dog's girth, the widest part of the chest.
Weight: Use only for reference, to get an idea but be sure to measure your dog.
KONG® Dog Harness Coat is versatile and functional, and comes in the bold, sporty colors associated with KONG.
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Ever wish your dog's coat and harness were all in one? Your wish can come true with our blanket and harness style dog coat!

Use with or without your dog's collar!

Since this is a coat with a built in harness you can attach your dog's leash and maintain control when on the go. No need to worry about choking due to the fit of this adjustable cute bones harness coat.

Blanket dog coat with added warmth! Get directions, reviews and information for Richards Harness Coat Co Dog Coat in Royal Oak, MI.
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Community Pet Supplies is a family-owned pet store that offers products and food for cats and dogs. The store offers food, leashes, collars, pet toys, pet accessories, food bowls, dog treats, gift items for animal lovers and more. Ruth Richards is the owner of Community Pet Supplies and also the inventor of the Richards Harness Coat, which is available to purchase at the store. Medical clinics and clients use the “medical-cooling coats” as large bandages to keep the dog from biting at injuries. Salve can be applied, the coat goes over the wound, and the harness keeps it in place so the dog can not get at the injury.Here at the Richards Dog Harness Coat Co. we have done our research too, and continue in search for the best products available for your dog’s good health.Many Service Dog Owners prefer our harness coats, as they are very easy to put on and they do not cause any chaffing or rubbing on the back of the front legs, as other harnesses can.If you are not satified with your Richards Dog Harness Coat, please return it within 15 days, along with original sales receipt and explanation of problem. We will gladly work with you to resolve.
Visit for return info.Keep your dog warm and dry in one of Richards Dog Harness Coat’s Warmth Dog Coats. Keep the snow off your dog while taking your mid-winter walks and have a dry dog when you get home. Coats can be used without leads in an enclosed yard so the dog can run and play and keep dryer, too.The Richards Dog Harness Coat design protects against cool or inclement weather while adding the benefits of a pet friendly harness. You won’t find a dog coat that is easier to use. With the Harness Coat, two simple American Made clips and the dog is ready to go. Our Harness Dog Coat incorporates sturdy clip fasteners. We do not use hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro®) as they may sometimes, become worn and then fail. The use of the Harness Dog Coat provides control of your pet without pressure on the throat. The Harness Dog Coat can be used with or without your favorite dog collar or choker, and fit nicely over sweaters. There are many dog coats, dog sweaters, designer dog coats, and pet clothes on the market designed to provide warmth and fashion but they fail to work appropriately with a dog harness and they can be cumbersome to use. Some products do not easily allow your dog to relieve itself without soiling the garment but the Harness Dog Coat is completely open on the underside. Our unique product design avoids rubbing or chaffing and is warm, lightweight and comfortable for the dog while providing a ring for quick hook up and release of a leash by the caregiver.We use two different types of fabrics for the Warmth Dog Coat shells. Some are made of fleece, which naturally repels water and snow, and the others have corduroy outers. All coats have faux lamb wool linings. This was the original Richards Dog Harness Coat for dogs, designed to protect your dog while keeping him comfortable, warm, and dry.