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Dog Hoodie Small Dog Clothes, Pink, XL Our product only for small breeds dog!
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Dog Clothing is a garment made by humans for their canine companions. Dog clothes are available in various price ranges from inexpensive to high-end designer styles. Typically toy and small , such as and are dressed in dog clothes, although even large breeds like can wear clothes, too. It is more common to dress small dogs because they are easier to dress and they often suffer from the cold more due to their coats being less thick. Dog clothes are made to be either functional or for show. Functional dog clothes are for protection from the elements and . Dog clothes that are purely for show would be used as costumes for holidays and special occasions such as Halloween or weddings.
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Much of whether your dog requires clothing in the winter months will depend on how warm your dog can stay based on breed, size, and age. For instance, if your dog is smaller, a light bodied breed, such as a Chihuahua, Greyhound, or terrier, your dog may benefit from wearing a protective or to stay warm when going outside. Additionally, dogs that have short-cropped hair, such as poodles, or older dogs and dogs with diseases such as Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism, will gain comfort in layering up when hitting the street for a walk. Functional and fashionable handmade dog clothing for hairless breeds and other small dogs
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