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Very nice! It’s like a vest/backpack, my dog will be happy to carry stuff and help me out
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Layka tested the vest in a parachute jump last month. The vest is equipped with convenient straps and handles so that troops can easily carry a dog or even "wear" it as a backpack. It also has multiple access points to attach leashes, and pockets that can carry ice packs to help cool the dogs in hot climates. The vest also serves as a harness for tandem parachute jumps with a handler.
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First of all, the dog weight vest must be gradually introduced. Otherwise, you put too much pressure on the animal and you harm it. Don't expect the pet to take kindly to this addition at first because this rarely happens. What you should do to get your pet accustomed to the vest is to put it on the animal without adding any weight at first. After 10-15 minutes, you can add the smallest weight and start the normal workout routine of the dog. Once every couple of weeks, introduce more weights in the vest in a gradual manner. This way, you allow the animal enough time to get accustomed to both the added weight and the sensation of having to carry it. I love this vest! The best feature is all the compartments so that my dog can carry small items so I do not have to carry everything!
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Photo provided by FlickrNov 24, 2009 - I am glad you choose to have your dog wear a vest and carry ID
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Our padded harness vest and S&R style K9 vest are some of our more popular options, and we also carry multiple styles of vests for your small dog. Our tiny dog vests are available in mesh as well as reflective materials, allowing for maximum protection and visibility for your four legged friend. To cater to large working dogs, we offer mesh and style vests in multiple sizes, including extra-large.Moreover, the age of the pet is also important as old dogs should not be forced to carry additional weights. With age, the animal's body becomes weaker, its joints and bones are more fragile, and it is no longer able to walk and train with the same velocity. As such, weight vests should not be placed on senior dogs that are prone to fractures. If your pet is used to wearing such a vest, you can keep it in shape even after growing old by reducing the weight using adjustable vests with removable weights.Dog owners are concerned that putting weight vests on their pets could be the cause of several health problems due to exertion. For situations like these to be avoided, the weighted vest must be carefully chosen for each dog and the owner must be aware of the changes in the animal's health condition. The weight of the vest should not overburden the dog as this will not lead to an intense workout, on the contrary, it could over-request the animal's body and put it in a high danger. If the weight is carefully chosen and it is not too heavy for the dog to carry it, there should be no health risks and the pet should benefit from a proper training.We realize how special your dog is to you, particularly when it is an emotional support dog or a service pet. We carry service starter packages, dog backpacks, dog goggles, service dog vests, collars, leashes, and more. We also carry ID badges and tags to hold your service dog certification for safe keeping, and service dog patches to let others know about your special pet, and any warnings that need to be provided for everyone’s safety. We know that working dogs are extremely important to disabled veterans, K9 officers, search and rescue crews, hunters, or those suffering from PTSD, autism, anxiety, seizures, or hearing and vision problems. Here at Vests For Service Dogs, we understand that quality dog gear is essential to both you and your dog. Our products are made with the highest quality materials for tough, reliable gear.