Slow Feed Dog Bowls and Other Options for fast eaters

So lets get hopping! Here’s our latest review in our series of “Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters“!
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It’s Tuesday again and time to review another dog bowl to slow down our speedy eaters. Today we’re covering the . If you’ve been following us for a while then you would have seen the review of the regular over a year ago. We really liked that bowl except for one problem: shortly after using the bowl Stetson developed canine acne on his chin. Our Veterinarian informed us that using plastic dog food bowls often caused this ailment. We continued to used the Brake-Fast Dog Bowl and did our best to keep it clean of bacteria however after a second case of canine acne we abandoned the original Brake-Fast Bowl.
Sounds like my Labs! There are a lots of dog bowls, toys, and puzzles available to slow down fast eaters. Here are 3 of our favorites:
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@Johann, thanks for visiting us. We have a few traveling dog bowls that we really liked and will have reviews up on the site in the next couple weeks. We also heard a muffin tin works well for slowing down fast eaters. I’ll try using one with Stetson in the coming weeks and let everyone know how it goes. For your super fast eater, this Slow Munch'n dog bowl forces them to eat slower. Our Cavalier, Willie definitely uses this one!
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Specific dog bowls designs help slow fast eaters. Dogs who wolf their food are more likely to overeat. In addition, the dangerous dog condition known as stomach bloat occurs when a dog wolfs his food. According to the Veterinary Medical Association, rapid eaters have a 15 percent higher chance of developing bloat. Slowing down the pace at which a dog eats reduces this risk.Researchers have also found that lowering a dog’s food and water bowls may prevent bloat. There are several bowls designed for this purpose that can be found online at websites like . Of course, no one can guarantee that a particular bowl will prevent bloat, but they will definitely help slow down fast eaters.The Brake Fast bowl is designed to slow down a rapid eater. There are a lot of dogs out there that will wolf down their food so fast that it actually can cause stomach problems. The brake fast bowl has raised pieces in here that are designed to force the dog to have to pick his way around and he cannot push this bowl around and just inhale the food. It's designed to slow him down. I've had real good luck with these. They work great with that dog that just cannot help himself and wants to just eat as fast as possible.I bought one of these Fast-Eater-Bowls for my dog after I adopted him, and saw how he just seemed to breathe in his kibble. It wasn’t doing him any good not having this bowl because sometimes he ate so fast he would vomit minutes later.Does your dog eat to fast? Yeah, so do two of mine! I have tried a few different slow feeding bowls, and methods, but these bowls are by far my favorite! I have two of them. One for Oakley and one for Memphis. Shelby doesn't need one, she is already a slow eater! I wanted to show you the difference in the bowls since so many of you have asked me about it!There are many dog bowls for fast eaters available, but it’s important to choose the best slow feed dog bowl for your dog’s breed and temperament.