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Ant Proof Your Dog's Food Bowl. Place your dog's food bowl in a saucer of water.
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You can adapt stainless steel dog cage cups manufactured for positioning securely inside a dog crate for ant proofing. Hang the cup by its hooks on the outside of the crate so the dog can reach it, and wipe cooking oil along the bars of the crate where the hooks make contact. The oil must be refreshed regularly, but it will prevent the ants from crossing the bars of the crate to reach the bowl.
Just a generic dog bowl with higher ant proof (fill outer ring with water) wall
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If you want something that’s made exactly to keep ants out, buy ant-proof dishes. There are plenty of these dog bowls in the market today. Just choose the right one for your pet’s size. Dog Bowl - My version (Ant Proof) by israngkul is licensed under the  license.
Photo provided by FlickrAnt Proof Your Dog's Food Bowl. Place your dog's food bowl in a saucer of water.
Photo provided by FlickrAvailable in a variety of sizes, to suit any size or breed of dog, these ant proof pet bowls are built to last. Prefect for both food or water.
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So I needed a way to utilize the water barrier aspect yet at the same time, keep the bottoms of the bowls dry - Luckily, I had a degree in engineering so I obsessively set out to design the perfect yet simple ant proof system which could solve this personal ant crisis.I knew I needed the water, but not accessible to where the dogs could drink it- or obviously it wouldn't work, I needed dry bowls and I liked THESE BOWLS, something needs to allow me to use my same bowls. I had large dogs, so let's elevate this thing so they don't have to bend down so much to eat. I mentally designed a concept, went to Home Depot and Petsmart and got raw supplies, and started on the prototype, - cut some wood, drill some holes, use lots of glue, twist this , cuss that, fabricated some plastic, and presto-----The first antproof prototype.Small Neater Feeders are the perfect elevated pet feeders for all breeds of small dogs and puppies. Owners of multiple cats also enjoy using the small Neater Feeder. The small Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder is designed for pets 18 pounds and smaller with a shoulder height of 9 inches or less to dine in luxury and comfort. The small Neater Feeder mess proof, kick proof and ant proof pet feeder comes with one 1.5 cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one 2.2 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl for your convenience. Small Neater Feeders, like all Neater Feeders, are contoured for your pets dining comfort. This pet feeder will also provide your pets all the benefits of an elevated pet dish, including better digestion and reduced neck strain. Plus, small Neater Feeder Pet Feeders alleviate the stress of having to clean up after your pets' meals."The fire ant proof dog bowl, manufactured by Plastic Molded Products Inc., meets it " claim to fame"
Anyone that competes with the fire ants for your four legged friends daily food, MUST purchase this bowl. It ACTUALLY, works!
It eliminates your dog eating food and a mouthful of fire ant bites or your dog not eating any food, because of the fire ants, which occurs, after a few times of ingesting fire ants. An additional bonus for this bowl is, you can place the complete daily food amount in bowl and not worry about ants vs what I have done for many years, prior to this product.
Previously, daily feedings were placed several times each day in one bowl and the 2nd bowl ( larger bowl size) was filled with water. Thus, the smaller food bowl, floated in the larger water bowl. This created daily issues, such as, water evaporation, food spillage into the water, the food bowl floating to the edge of larger water bowl, meaning the fire ants could, once again, getting into the food, because the food bowl floated into the edge of water bowl.
I do not understand how the design of this bowl works, but I do know it DOES work and is a MUST for dog owners. I suggest buying for your dog friends, because they will also, want a bowl that actually, meets the advertised message.
The unfortunate thing about this manufacture is limited advertising. They are not sold in the big box chains, resulting in less exposure and ongoing frustration for dog owners that have not been fortunate enough to find this product.
I recommend you to spend a small dollar amount for a great investment to provide Fido the opportunity to not have a mouth of fire ant bites. If you have ever had fire ant bites, you can confirm, you would not eat your food, if you got a mouthful of the pesky ants!
Buy a bowl today, which will provide a pleasant experience for your beloved, four legged best friend."The reason GoGo® only produces dog bowls out of high grade stainless steel is due to a variety of reasons. Plastic, wood, ceramic and other pet bowls have a porous surface which can harbor bacteria even after being washed and may even contain chemical based dyes. Stainless Steel has a flat, easy to clean, hygienic surface which is why many veterinarians recommend them. These Stainless Steel Ant Proof Bowls are easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable, resistant to rust and have a beautiful mirror finish shine. They also come complete with a thick rubber base which helps reduce noise and assists in keeping the dog's dish from sliding around during feeding time.