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Woof and me is one of the best dog board games for kids out there
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Challenge and stimulate your pooch with this brain teaser game. The wooden dual sided board is actually four different games in one. Recessed areas in the game board allow you to hide your pet's favorite treats. Your doggie Einstein will love playing the games with you especially when he uncovers a delicious treat. The game includes a game instruction sheet and 3 small wooden game pieces and 3 large wooden game pieces. One side of the game board features recessed pockets that are covered with the removable wooden game pieces. This game will challenge and perfect your dog's sense of smell. Flip the game over for a physically challenging and mentally stimulating game of pick-n-pull. Place your pet's favorite treat under four sliding, circular disks and then place more treats in the recessed areas. Simply cover with the wooden game pieces and watch your crafty canine push the game pieces to retrieve the treat and then paw and scratch at the sliding pieces to retrieve another. This game will provide limitless fun and entertainment.
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Chess Dog Activity Game .Reward from hidden treats. Includes booklet with tips and tricks. Plastic - hygenic and easy to clean. Board game with 4 cones and various small hollows and drawers. Size - 40×10×27 cm. Dog Activity Games are designed to help to stimulate your dogs mind, encourage mental ability and strengthen the bond between owner and dog through collaborative play. These games are designed so both pet and owner work together, you need to get involved, encourage and reward your dog when they interact positively. Treats should also be used as a reward with the toy for completing the various task involved. These should be hidden within the various drawers, tubes and compartments within the Activity Game. For more info visit White Dog Games Solitaire Series | Family | BoardGameGeek
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So, let’s educate young children with a fun, visual pet care game! Out of all dog-themed board games for kids, Woof and me has proven to be wildly popular in after school programs! Woof and me is one of the best dog board games for kids out there! This super-fun board game teaches families (and new pet owners) pet care, different dog breeds, dog needs and how to be a responsible pet owner.A Dog's life is wonderfully illustrated with a lot of nice hidden dog references all throughout the board (such as signs and building being made out of dog bones). The build quality of the game board, pieces, playing cards and even the user tokens (figurines of different dogs) is superb. Much better than cheap games you find at big box stores. It all fits nicely in a sturdy storage box with fun reflective ink.There are some amazing games by where your dog has to figure out the puzzle to find the treat. I have a few for my dog, and they're good for short-term, supervised entertainment. The only problem is that while these are entertaining, they're also food-based and don't require a whole lot of movement from your dog. The mental engagement is there, but physical exercise isn't. It's kind of like playing a board game while eating a whole bowl of popcorn and chocolate pretzels — you're entertained, but not staying healthy.I appreciate that the board game plays up to five players; so many games have a max of four players, and then we can’t all play at the same time. I knew the dog figurines would be a big hit with my daughters–they’ve taken them out of the box several times to play with them. They’ve learned the names of all 9 dog breeds, too.Sweet spot is one of the smaller bars on 4th st so doesn't have as large a variety as some of the others. They do have board games, karaoke, cards, and allow dogs. Worth checking out if you like to have something to do while at a bar.