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Buy that dog a bath mat. (This tip actually came from a dog trainer, stay with me).
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I love the feel of plush bath mats, but mine usually end up staying tamped down, accumulating dog hair, and generally not being nice and fluffy. Given that I recently learned I have a few household allergies, I've decided it's time to forgo the cotton rug.
Always brush your dog before you give him abath. The bath water tends to set themats in making them even harder to remove.
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You may ask yourself, “Does is have to be a bath mat?” Yes. It needs to be immediately flat on the floor, so a dog bed won't work. You may be tempted to use a towel or a blanket, but no: Bath mats have that handy rubber backing so it both stays in place and protects your floors from whatever dog dampness that may occur (drool, classic wet dog, the possibilities are endless). It’s also machine washable (see aforementioned dampness) and it’s really plush—perfect for dog lounging. Oct 26, 2016 - Drymate Dog Bath Mats feature Zorb-Tech anti-flow technology
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But, even responsible pet parents, who groom regularly may find that a small mat is starting to develop. They happen to the best of us. Here are a couple of at home tips to remove those nasty mats at home. All of this is done PRIOR to a bath. Never bathe a matted dog as this will only cause to make them worse.Drymate recently launched their collection of unique bathmats for your dogs, made out of the same material, keeping your dog safe and secure while bathing. Most dogs are not very fond of bath time, it’s usually slightly stressful and causes most dogs some anxiety. Drymate bath mat is extremely helpful in helping make your dog feel more secure and comfortable during the bath. The soft felt like fabric is easy for your dog to walk on without any chance of slipping. Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet both like to walk around the tub during a bath and the secure bath mat made this easy for them. Both of my dogs have had surgeries in the past that make us constantly worry about an accidental “slip”. Bruce Lee recently had back surgery to repair disc problems and we are still in recovery until his back strengthens. During baths he is usually very nervous and trembles, but when using the Drymate bath mat, he walked around a little, then just sat comfortably and enjoyed the massage! The only problem I found was that we were having such a great time that I filled the tub a little too much (to give him the full bath experience) and the mat started to float. So my advice is to make sure not to put too much water in the tub.The Bad: Drymate has several products available for dogs that are available in select stores and online, to purchase the Bath Mats, currently they are only available online on the Drymate website.Brush your dog. Brushing before a bath helps the shampoo get into the coat and works out mats before they get set in by the water. Gently pick apart or cut out any mats before the bath, because adding water will make them impossible to remove.