Many different techniques have been tried to stop dogs from barking

tool I came away with is to use a squirt/spray bottle to stop a dogs barking.
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We got our very darling dog to stop barking or whining by using a spray bottle filled with water. we spray her and say "quiet" very firmly. Only had to spray her a few times and she really got the message. now she responds to "quiet" and a finger that looks like it's about to spray her. We rescued her at about 3-4 years of age.
3. Use a water spray bottle to spray the dog to get their attention and say “quiet” if the dog stops barking praise and reward.
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Crate training your puppy. A puppy barking in his crate may stop if covered with a cloth sheet so he is not stimulated to bark by what he sees. With a cover over it, the crate also feels more like a den and hence more secure. Some puppies will stop barking if allowed to sleep in their crate next to the owners’ bed, or with a belonging that smells of the owner or their siblings. When your puppy is in the crate do get to know the sounds he makes and unless it is an emergency for the bathroom do not go and open the crate or let the puppy out when the puppy barks. If you do he will learn to bark demanding to be let out and in this way tell you what to do. Sometimes a squirt bottle of water can be used to direct a spray at a puppy that barks in the crate but I have seen dogs that enjoy this too and make a game out of it. Plus, it can make quite a mess. juice into a spray bottle and use the bottle when your dog is barking.
Photo provided by FlickrOMG i never knew that the tactic of the spray bottle i use to use on my cats a while ago- works on my dog for his annoying barking
Photo provided by FlickrSomeone had mentioned they put Listerene and water in a spray bottle to spray at the dog when barking/doing something bad
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To curb bothersome barking, pet owners can also use a spray bottle. This is an affordable training tool and can be bought in most stores. A dog owner could also use a water gun. It is important to invest in a few bottles and keep them around the home and outside. When the dog begins barking, it is important to pick up the bottle and spray the animal. This should be done gently: one squirt will do and the owner should be careful not to hurt or soak the dog. Once the dog stops barking, the animal can be given a treat.Please don't pull out the spray bottle and not use it. The bottle isn't a threat; it is used as a reminder. Otherwise, your dog will look to see if you have the spray bottle and, if the bottle isn't present, will resume barking.If your dog is a more dedicated barker, then you will probably have to use an aversive(something he will work to avoid) to interrupt the barking and teach the "Quiet"command. The aversive you use will again depend on your dog. You may have successusing a dog bomb (either shake it or toss it), a squirt gun, spray bottle or evenhalf a glass of water splashed in his face. Use the word "Quiet" (orwhatever you want your command to be) as you apply the aversive as soon as yourdog starts barking. When your dog stops barking- even if its just out of surprise-praise heartily, including "good quiet!" and treat. If your dog is soobsessed that his barking can't be interrupted, then you'll have to teach him"Quiet" means he's going to have a bad taste in his mouth. To do this,you'll pair the word "Quiet" with a spray of Binaca® or Bitter Apple®in his mouth 4-6 times before testing it. Once or twice a day for 3 days, go tothe dog, and spray him in his mouth as you say "Quiet" firmly, but notloudly. You can be sympathetic after you spray him, but don't be overly apologeticor fuss over him too much. Make sure that you go to your dog, open his mouth andpop a few treats in at least 10 times per day during the days that you are teachinghim the "Quiet" command if you are using this method. After the 3 daysare up, test your command when he barks. If he immediately stops barking, praiselike crazy and treat. If he doesn't stop barking, go up to him and squirt himin the mouth and repeat your "Quiet" command as you do. Until he learnsthe command, either spray him or don't, but don't threaten him with the sprayby holding it up and bargaining with him "Be quiet, or I'm going to sprayyou". Until he is reliable, you have to follow through with every command,even if it's not convenient at the time. If you can't follow through, don't givehim a command at all, and try to be better prepared next time.If your dog or puppy is sensitive and you think he may be frightened of the spray bottle, please find an alternative barking deterrent to interrupt his vocal outburst, for example, throw him a ball, or his favorite toy; move his train of thought away from whatever was causing him to bark in the first place.