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Our dog seat covers are waterproof, stain resistant, and backed by a Lifetime ..
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If your dog rides along in the front seat or a rear captain’s chair, we’ve got universal-fitting covers designed specifically for individual bucket seats. The features a skirt that drops down 7 inches over exposed seat edges, and features three elastic straps that keep it snug against the seatback no matter what the dimensions of your seat are. In the Product Options field, you’ll see this seat cover is offered with various materials such as polycotton, imitation suede, and polyester camouflage patterns – all of which are available in multiple color choices.
Non-slip Pet Car Back Seat Cover Water-proof Dog Safety Hammock Protector Mat for Trunk SUV Pet Supply
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I bought another truck and bought the XL 68X68 because the original 56X68 was just a little narrow to cover the back seat in any full size truck.
At the same time I also bought the single barrel front seat cover to have just in case I ever had to put my dog in the front seat. truck back seat cover for dogs | Details about Suv Truck Car Back Seat Cover For Dogs and Cats. Quilted ...
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Photo provided by PexelsOur car seat covers for dogs protect your backseat from dirt, hair, moisture,.
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Majestic Black Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof Non Slip Rear Bench Seat Protector Universal Auto Back Seat Covers Child Baby & Infant Mat Pet Travel Accessories Stain Protection for Cars & SUVThree main types of dog seat covers are available, including fitted, hammock style, and cargo mats. Fitted covers are available in universal and custom styles. They come in standard sizes designed to fit a variety of vehicles, and they can be custom-tailored to fit a truck's rear bench seat or a car's front . Both bench-style and custom-fitted seat covers offer full back seat protection for the dog. Bench-style covers are usually spread over a vehicle's entire back seat and can even accommodate human passengers when equipped with special openings for fastening seat belts. Many bench seat covers can also double as cargo bed liners for hauling heavy items in the rear of large pickup trucks. If you have a car and a furry best friend, then you've got a recipe for success when it comes to embarking on new adventures together or traveling with the family. For that reason, you'll need a reliable seat cover designed to keep your dog comfortable and safe, and your vehicle clean during those long road trips–just in case Fido decides to have an accident in the back seat while you're driving. Though you may think a seat cover specifically-designed for your dog is a luxury, it's actually more of a necessity than anything else.Consider the size and shape of your vehicle and what cover may work best. Take some measurements before making your decision to minimize any trouble with installation or placement. For example, if you have a large bench-style seat in the back of your car, then a hammock-style cover can be an asset by protecting the seats and floor with its ability to stretch out over the length of the seat itself. By contrast, if other human passengers will be in the car, a custom-fitted cover may work best, so that both the dog and your family can easily ride together. If you decide to design a custom-fitting cover, you'll have the freedom to choose the color, fabric, and shape that most closely conforms to your car's unique style.The benefit of custom-fitted covers is that they can be contoured to either the front or back seats, which comes in particularly handy if a vehicle's rear seats are split. The hammock-style seat cover drapes across a back seat from the rear to the front headrests, creating a calming feeling of suspension for a dog. Hammock covers protect the floor from dirt, debris, and accidents while also preventing an animal from jumping into the front seat and distracting the driver. Cargo mats are particularly useful when planning to let a pet rest in the very back of a large van or sport utility vehicle, as they can be easily stretched out and are often quilted for extra comfort.Bench seat covers are the most common kind of vehicle protection. A good bench seat cover will protect your entire back seat, keeping it completely free of dirt, hair, paw prints, and all the other messy stuff that dogs bring in. Be sure to measure your backseat and compare it to the measurements for the products you are considering. Most standard bench seat covers are 55" wide. If your bench seat is wider than that, you may want to look for which come in extended widths, typically up to 60" wide.