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If the dog or cat you adopted is currently ill or injured and under treatment, you will receive an Animal Health Awareness Report (Form D-300). This information will provide you with a summary of the treatment your dog or cat has received during its kenneled stay in our animal shelter.
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Athens-Clarke County Animal Control adopts approximately 750 dogs and cats per year. The cost of adoption is $50, which includes a certain vaccinations (distemper and parvo for dogs, feline leukemia and FIV for cats), an adoption information packet, and a implanted microchip. We transport all adopted dogs and cats that are at least 10 weeks old for spay or neuter surgery. You, as the adopter, are responsible for the cost of spay or neuter and for returning proof of surgery to Animal Control. Adopters must obtain a rabies vaccination for their dog or cat by the time the pet is four months old. We welcome both families and individuals to visit us and interact with the dogs and cats at our facility. Licking County - Dog Adoption Information
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May we suggest that your first step to adopting any animal should be the selection of the breed of dog or cat that will best suit you and your family needs. It’s always wise to do a little homework first, read books or magazines that give detailed information about the various attributes or deficiencies of the various breeds that are of interest to you.The information in each dog’s description has been provided by the foster family and will give you a good indication of the full nature of the dog so you can make an informative decision on whether the dog would be a good fit for your family. As well, our Adoption Coordinators will assist you by answering any additional questions you may have about the specific dog.All persons must be 21 years of age or older to adopt a pet. You must bring photo identification and every member of your household needs to be present. In addition, if you plan to adopt a dog and already have a canine family member, you must bring him or her along for a meet and greet. If you rent your home, you must bring a copy of your lease stating that you are permitted to keep pets in your residence. If you own your house, our staff will check county real estate records. If a record cannot be found, we may ask for proof of ownership. Please call our Adoption Department for more information or if you have questions. We do not limit adoptions to any particular geographic area and, in most cases, you can leave with your new best friend the same day you visit us!For information on our adoption fees and dog licenses, please see below. Have more questions on the adoption process? Send us an email at We’ll be happy to help!The following Cat and Dog Adoption Information will help you learn more about our cat and dog adoption process. If you have any questions, please email or , and will assist you as soon as possible.An initial assessment of the dog's behavior is performed at the shelter prior to adoption. Although we do our best to provide adopters with information on the dog's behavior, this assessment in no way guarantees the behavior of the dog in a different setting after the adoption.