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Dog food on sale at PetSmart! Discount prices on dry or canned dog food plus treats and chews.
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I needed to buy some dog toys to bribe my way into the good graces of a friend's new rescue dogs and my first thought was a big box pet store. Then I got into the whole Occupy spirit and I checked Yelp for a a good local pet store and that's how I ended up at Discount Pet Food & Supplies.
It's a good store. The staff was friendly and made recommendations for durable toys the dogs would actually play with. I bought a toy called a Pickle Pocket - a plastic, pickle-shaped toy which has three grooves into which you hide treats for the dog to dig out - and thick rope with knots.
It's been a decade since I needed to go to a pet store, so I don't have a lot to compare Discount Pet Food & Supplies against other stores, but the staff was helpful and the selection and prices were good. I'll go back there next time I need to go to a pet store.
The Pickle Pocket seemed an especially fun toy. My friend had a Catahoula named Pepper who didn't like me. Pepper had some issues with other people, but major issues with me. Pepper always wanted to herd me. I'd walk to the bathroom and if I wasn't paying Pepper enough mind she'd nip my ankles.
Pepper died this year and my friend got two more rescue dogs: Another Catahoula named Buddy and an unknown breed named Angel. Buddy, it turns out, was caged for much of his life and is developmentally retarded. When it comes to understanding how to play with toys or tug on ropes, Buddy rides the short bus. He has no idea how to do it. He's a big, lumbering friendly dog who needs to be repeatedly told to get down as he tries to lick you.
So both toys ended up being for Angel. She was suspicious of me at first, growling and barking. I loaded up the Pickle Pocket with a few treats and handed it to her. She held it in her mouth and oddly enough still kept giving me growls and barks. What really broke the ice was when I was the one to whom she could bring the Pickle Pocket for it to be tossed so she could chase it. We became best buds then. Angel has scary fast reaction time. I would toss the pickle, it would bounce and fly off quickly at an odd angle but she still grabbed it in flight before it slowed down.
After a while I loaded the Pickle Pocket up with more bison-flavored treats and gave it back to Angel so she could try to dig the treats out of the crevices. I don't speak canine, but I think her reaction went something like this: "Uh, yeah. Let me just bite this here, and then I'll put my tongue and. . . Nope. I'll just slide it, tip my head like this, bite it and then, uh, no. Well, let me push my nose down on it from the top, like this, yeah, and then I'll run my tongue along there, and the treat will. . . Nope. Well, let it take it in the back of my mouth and bite hard and. . . DAMN IT! YOU AND YOUR OPPOSABLE THUMB LETS YOU STICK IT ALL THE WAY IN THERE! Okay, maybe if I tip it like this, then bite it in the middle. . . " Angel got frustrated at times, but it seemed to be a fun frustration.
Beyond health risks, discounted dog foods and other goods have ramifications that include economic conspiracies.
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Photo provided by Flickr319 Items - Dog food on sale at PetSmart! Discount prices on dry or canned dog food plus treats and chews.
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