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I don’t trust Diamond because food can’t be magically cheap AND made from quality ingredients. Just because bulk Great Value chicken breasts at $1 a pound have the same macro-nutrients as organic chicken breasts at $4 a pound doesn’t mean they are equal quality products. The macro-nutrients and even the listed ingredients only tell part of the story. What is Diamond cutting corners on to make totw and diamond naturals so cheap? And how is the kcal/cup so much lower in their products than other premium foods in their star-rating range? And why do Diamond products regularly receive the most frequent complaints right here on DFA from consumers saying the kibbles have suddenly changed color or their dog fell ill from one bag to the next?…
Bulk Diamond Dog Food.
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At that time, Diamond Dog was selling small bags of “Nutra Nuggets” in grocery stores. Costco is all about buying in bulk. us, Diamond Dog Food ended up supplying the chain’s Kirkland signature line, and after a few years, it scaled nationwide. Diamond Dog Food Bulk.
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