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Aug 21, 2012 - Recently I came across an online dog bakery that advertised their 100% ..
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Our dog was only eating Waggin Train Duck Jerky for treats. First it started in his eyes. The vet said he had “cysts” and he lost most of his vision and these “cysts” never went away. Then he was diagnosed with high sugar and being diabetic even though a vet visit within a year prior (before the duck jerky) showed his sugars were fine! Our poor dog is now deceased!!! A Pug.
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My 12 going on 13 Samoyed was diagnosed with diabetes 5 weeks ago. 1 week or so prior to that he had thrown up about 7 times and he is never sick…I rushed him to the after hours vet…asked 3 times are u sure this is not a pancreatitis…no, no, no…the test for pancreatitis is only 60-70$…if ur dog throws up…do it…she said the pancreas was not uncomfortable for him so no it was definitely not a pancreatitis…but on Mar 20 I had had blood work done and his glucose was in normal range…so getting other opinions never hurts…basically the only way he could have become a diabetic so quickly was an untreated/undiagnosed pancreatitis…so now here I have a diabetic dog for his remaining years…what a sentence for such a wonderful boy…so the reason I knew about his blood work was I obtained copies because we did a $275 test because e were investigating to see if he was in a stage of renal disease…because back in Nov/16 he had wet his bed a cpl times…so here we are…I have fed a raw diet from a company called Totally Raw dog food for at least 5 years, prior to it was “what I thought the best of dry dog food”…in my opinion there is no best dry…it will always suck the kidneys dry…but the majority of my raw was in a rotational order…2 days breeders brick/1 day mackerel/2days breeders brick/1 day tripe/2 days breeders brick…beef bone of course weekly…u get the picture…but the breeders brick was whole chicken ground with SKIN!!!…too high in fat and the set up for pancreatitis…he is now on insulin and most vets say I will never get him regulated on a raw diet…HELP PLEASE…MY OTHER BOY JUST GOT DIAGNOSED HEART FAILURE…so I will try and reverse that or make better somewhat…Jayne to Pounds online Converter Open Toronto; Dogs and Diabetes - Signs, Treatment, Complexities · Vet-approved recipes for diabetic dog food.
Photo provided by PexelsWe want our client dogs to get excited about tasting our treats.
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Just an update on Piper , she wentto the Vet today and her numbers are down another 70 points. So now she is goodto go and only needs her 6 month check ups . Thanks to you she can still enjoyher treats without any sugar spikes A BIG Thank you for caringabout our diabetic doggies ."I have a 12 yr old min pin that was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. We have had a really difficult time managing his blood sugar. He is on 9 units of Noviln N in the morning and 9 in the evening. I recently changed his diet completely. He is on WD dry food and will not eat it by its self. I had to come up with a meal he will eat to keep his sugar regulated. It runs really high. He is loosing his teeth as well, so I wet now his food to soften it. I then mix it with Beechnut baby food. I use the chicken and broth, turkey and broth and beef and broth. They contain no other ingredient and they have zero sugar. He loves it! I use about 1/2 a jar per feeding.
I also found a diabetic dog treat using baby food as well. It is 1 1/2 cups of wheat flour, 1/2 cup of liquid (I will use chicken broth if I have it on hand, if not I use water) and 2 jars of Beechnut sweet potatoes (Each jar contains 3g only sugar). I roll them into balls, smash them with a fork and bake them at 350 for 15 minutes. They look like miniature peanut butter cookies. I let them cool and keep them in the fridge. He loves them. He thinks because they come out of the fridge its people food…..sucker!! 🙂 . After doing this for several week, we went back to the vet his to check his sugar and his blood sugar levels were perfect. The vet said what ever I am doing is working so keep it up. I hope this helps. If anyone has any suggestion for veggies that their dog likes, I am interested in knowing about it. Thanks!Even though our name implies that we only supply treats for diabetic dogs, we are far more than that these days. We have now expanded our specialty treats for dogs suffering with CRF, kidney and liver disease. These diseases are unique in the way that everything they eat, can affect different parts of their bodies and in many different ways.Fiber and carbohydrates are controversial topics in diabetes treatment, and recommendations are changing. Only a few nutritional studies have been done on dogs with diabetes. Different dogs respond differently to varying amounts of fiber and carbohydrates, and dietary needs vary depending on whether a dog is underweight or overweight, so there is no best dog food for diabetic dogs.