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Hi Bud,
I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product with the dental gel! We use your products regularly in our rescue organization as we see a lot of older dogs that have not had the best food or oral care in their lives, and are badly in need of teeth cleaning. Most are too old or sick to undergo anesthesia, and when we have an animal that can undergo the treatment the cost is usually beyond what we can afford. Your dental gel has changed that entirely!
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Most pets can be taught to accept tooth brushing; daily brushing is an excellent way to remove debris and prevent tartar. The most common mistake that people make when they start brushing their dog’s teeth is to progress too fast. A dog that has never had a toothbrush in its mouth is not going to be thrilled if you grab hold of its head and start poking at inflamed gums with what he / she perceives as a stick. First accustom your friend to your finger, gently rubbed on the front teeth and along the top teeth all the way to the back. Give lots of praise, and keep these sessions short. When this is accepted, progress to performing the procedure with a damp thin cloth or square of gauze wrapped around your fingertip. You will likely be amazed by the scum removed with this simple procedure. There are many dental cleaning pastes and solutions available. The next step is using one of these products, or a 1 to 10 solution of Plantago herbal tincture in water, to moisten the gauze while you gently rub the teeth. Once this is well accepted, you can progress to using a finger brush, or a soft, appropriately sized toothbrush. veterinary dental products, dental spray for dogs, dog ..
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A variety of products safe for pets are available in the marketplace. If you use a brush and a dentifrice, AVDC recommends pet-specific toothpastes. These come in flavors that dogs accept, such as poultry and seafood. Avoid human toothpastes as they often contain abrasives and high-foaming detergents that should not be swallowed or inhaled by dogs.

Toothbrushes designed for dogs are soft and angled to assist in brushing the back teeth. Some dogs prefer finger brushes. A variety of “dental wipes” containing different products are available. The single-use wipes are rubbed daily on the outside of the teeth to remove plaque.Science Diet Oral Care for Dogs has met the VOHC testing standard and been awarded the VOHC Seal in the Plaque and Tartar categories. The product packaging in early 2014 does not carry the Seal because of a delay on VOHC's part in completing review of a change in the product formulation that does not affect the dental efficacy of the product.