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We know structure is important for your dog’s development. Here’s a typical day at dog daycare:
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I think that a lot of people don’t necessarily feel a dog crèche is a natural environment for their dogs. They certainly haven’t evolved that way. It’s really an environment that appeases our own human requirements IMO. I am sure many dogs love daycare and those who don’t can be taught to love it (given the right staff commitment and behavioural inderstanding), but also many dogs are probably just about keeping it together in environments like this too…
Rates for 2 or More Dogs in Daycare:Full Day: $20.00 ea.Half-Day: $18.00 ea.
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Dogs that join us for daycare enjoy spacious indoor/outdoor supervised group play areas featuring interactive elements such as: benches, bridges, balls, chew toys, wading pools and of course, our canine companions. Why 3 DOGS BOARDING AND DAYCARE is THE place for your dog while you’re away:
Photo provided by FlickrOf course, many locations also have a swimming pool for dogs that love to get wet. Pooch Hotel is the best dog day care with a pool*.
Photo provided by FlickrDo they take all comers? Accepting all dogs is not necessarily a good thing; not all are cut out for daycare.
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Daycare is divided into two groups, based on size and play level. The small dog play room has dogs 8 lbs to 35 lbs, as well as seniors and shy, gentle dogs. Dogs over 35 lbs or with a more rambunctious play style go into our big dog play room. Dogs are given the freedom to play or cuddle up for a nap at their own choice throughout the day.City Dogs is designed to fit into our clients’ busy lives. We understand that having a dog in your family is a 24-7 commitment. Dog daycare provides many more hours of activity than a short walk from a mid-day dog walking service. We have a speedy drop off and pick up, so that you don’t spend your valuable time waiting. If you’re driving, call us 5 minutes before pick up and we’ll get your dog ready for a drive by pickup (please use pre-paid packages or keep a current credit card on file for payments). Your dog spends the day interacting with canine and human companions, and you both go home ready to relax from a long day.Enter...THE BARKER LOUNGE...where your dog will have the opportunity to expend all of his/her energy via natural and healthy outlets.

All daycare dogs will participate in supervised daycare from 7:00am until 7:00pm. There will be ample opportunity for wrestling, swimming, fetching, running, napping, meeting new friends, and catching up with old ones. Older dogs who aren't entertained by the "young-uns" antics, will have their own space to relax and enjoy the day at their own pace, with plenty of TLC from their human companions. All dogs are grouped only with friends of similar size and temperament. We have plenty of space for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and breeds.

All of our guests have the opportunity to take naps to re-energize, snack on a mid-day meal in a private suite, or just play play play straight through the day. Whatever it is that your pooch prefers, he/she will be nothing short of socialized, exercised, and extremely tired at the day's end! - We love puppies! For their well-being, please do not bring them to us until they are at least 8 weeks old. We do require that they complete all rounds of their Rabies and DHPP vaccinations before mixing with the other dogs. We also require the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination on a 6 month basis. For pups that are still too young to have received all of these vaccinations, we have pens available in our lobby areas. In these pens, the pups get lots of love from the staff and other clients throughout the day and are let outside periodically for potty breaks. After your pup is vaccinated and playing with the others, we require that the dog is spayed or neutered before turning 8 months of age. For the safety of the entire pack, there are no exceptions to this rule. Intact dogs beyond 8 months of age will be in private daycare at a rate of $75 per day. This service includes outdoor walks each day.