Cute Golden Retriever in Dog Log Cabin House!

Chatham Dog House from Pottery Barn. Simple but really cute. Would love this next to a pool!
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I will show You how to build a cute Dog House.
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Cute wooden barn-style #dog #house with red and white trim
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Craftsman Dog House: 5 Doghouses Crafted in Classic American Architecture by Jason Carpenter & Thomas Baker, This Old House magazine. How cute would it be to make a dog house that matched your real house! Pretty cute dog house, can also be built for geese or other animals. No tutorial.
Photo provided by FlickrCute and fun doghouse. My pups would love hanging out on the roof!
Photo provided by FlickrEasy Breezy DIY Dog House! Such a cute idea for the summer!
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You dog is your best friend and companion, so it deserves a great house. Below you will find a collection of cute dog houses for sale, so you can give your pet some special treatment. You will be surprised to find out how awesome some of the products are. The one I got for my dog is the cat's meow! Play house turned dog house. Someone was throwing away this child's playhouse, so I confiscated it and turned it into a cute little dog house. I used an old platform that usually goes underneath air conditioners for the front porch. I painted it to look like flagstone. I salvaged the cement fire hydrant, and with a little work it looks good again. I made the cedar barrel out of old fence wood that I got for free. A very nice look for very little money.Dog house decoration with funny text or dog bone images are especially cute. Consider using something other than the dog’s name. Look for funny phrases, or come up with your own humorous text. Even though dogs can not read, you and your family can, and funny text will make your family members and guests smile.Kids Dog Birthday Party! Super cute with easy DIY dog cake, cardboard dog house, adopt a puppy activity, food suggestions, and printables. So cute!If I were to build dog house, I would want it to look like a small house with a peaked roof and shingles, a cute little window off to the right of the opening, with a flower box below it. Only the flower box would hold his/her bowl of food and water. There would be a cute little low ramp leading up to his rounded top open door, where inside would be a big billowy pillow for him/her to snuggle up and fall asleep on. I would love his/her house to be painted a buttery yellow with a grey tiled rood. The flower box aka food and water box would be painted a soft turquoise to match his/her cute ramp. On either side of his/her ramp there would be flower pots filled with flowers and above his/her door would be a painted stenciled sign that would read his/her name.It can be super easy to find the cute dog houses out there because the common dog house and other pet house products are offered with cute design. However, before people can choose any kind of with cute design, it is crucial for considering about some factors. It is necessary for considering about the roof which should be removable or not. The door place for the dog house should also be considered besides the function of the door which should keep the comfort of the dog in every season. Dimension and material of the dog house must also be crucial consideration for finding the best dog house.