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When shopping for couch covers for dogs, the Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector is a fantastic choice. It comes in multiple color choices, and does an excellent job protecting your furniture from damage. The cover is designed to be a bit longer in the back, which helps it stay in place.

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You also want to be cautious of the way it fits. One of the most important factors of a couch covers for dogs, is ensuring it stays in place when your dog is sitting on the couch. In this review, you will learn what features to look for when shopping for the best couch covers for dogs. Dog beds - Cozy Couch Cover for Dogs, luxury dog beds, designer dog beds, bowsers dog bed, donut dog bed - Profit Goes To Help Homeless Pets
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Photo provided by FlickrFeb 19, 2016 - Best couch covers for dogs or dog couch protectors are ideal if you have a dog that is messing up your sofa or couch
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I have had my covers for over a year now. One for the loveseat (couch sized) and two chairs. We have six (yes, six) dogs and they have held up fabulously. I have washed them every week sometimes more and they are still in great shape. I took a few tucks and stitched so that my ends of the arms are covered and made a sort of box pleat for the top to tailor them for my furniture, but it was really not a big deal. I am happy with my purchase and my furniture still looks new. Initially, I thought they were expensive, but they have been worth the price. When I vacuum them the hair comes right off the fabric. Amazon has a great selection of couch covers for dogs. You want to ensure that you choose a cover based on your needs. Nothing is worse than choosing a cover and then realizing it does not fit in with your décor. A reversible cover can give you more options, and allow you to have flexibility with your décor.Are you looking for couch covers for dogs? There are many different brands available, that differ in size and features. While you may think that all couch covers for dogs are created equally, they are not. While you love your dog, you’re not so happy about the messes they leave behind on your couch.Couch covers are certainly a good idea for high-impact dogs, but you aren’t required to have a destructive dog to benefit from protective couch covers. My Rottie is relatively well behaved and doesn’t chew on furniture or other off-limits items, but you can still see claw scratches and hair on everything my wife and I own – especially the couch. We finally started using a cover, but I wish we had started doing so earlier.My two indoor-outdoor pit bulls love to lay on the couch, but they can get it pretty dirty and furry. My mother came up with an ingenious idea: she bought some upholstery fabric that was very similar in color and texture (our couch is tan microfiber) and she custom sewed it to fit over the dogs’ side of the couch. she made a piece for the cushions you sit on with elastic secures on the underside, one for the upper cushions of the couch that is secured with simple velcro on the back, and a little arm piece. It has really been a lifesaver. It is much easier to throw the covers in the wash than it is to try to clean irremovable parts of a couch!To help keep the cover in place, there are tabs that can be tucked into the sides and seat of your furniture. This will deter movement of the cover while it is being sat on. It is made of suede, microfiber and Pongee. The cover is machine washable and soil resistant. Stains will never be an issue for this couch covers for dogs.