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Is there a colostrum supplement formulated specifically for cats and dogs?
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Colostrum has some of the largest amount of documentation of any natural supplement. There are volumes of medical research with more than 25,000 scientific papers to back up its claims. It has documented effectiveness for numerous imbalances and conditions that your dogs and cats may experience from diabetes to heart disease to cognitive disorder. Medical journals such as the Journal of Medical Virology and the New England Journal of Medicine have detailed numerous clinical studies concerning the benefits and effectiveness of colostrum.
Immune Support; Plant Cell Supplements for Dogs and Cats; Colostrum is a Powerful Immune Booster; Clinically Tested and Veterinarian Approved
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A randomized placebo-controlled trial was carried out in Japan with 70 puppies of predominantly toy breeds (aged 40–50-d old) to determine the impact of an oral bovine colostrum supplement on fecal quality over a 10-d period. Standard puppy food, to which was added either 0.5 g of bovine colostrum powder (Intact®, Numico Research Australia Pty Ltd, Oakden, South Australia) daily (n = 37), or 0.5 g of skim milk powder daily (n = 33) was fed, for 10 d, starting on the second day after their arrival at one of two pet shops. Individual puppies were assigned to treatment A or B as they arrived. This ensured that puppies arriving from one breeder were in equal numbers in each treatment group. The dogs were fed individually. Individual fecal scores were recorded daily using the WALTHAM fecal scoring system (). The mean daily fecal score was calculated for each group. Data were analyzed via ANOVA with an interaction between treatment and time using the statistical packages S-PLUS (6.1) and GENSTAT (&.1). P colostrum for dogs, bovine colostrum, Igf, supplement, transfer factors, immune system, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, joint problems, IBS, IBD.
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Are you thinking about starting a colostrum program for your dog? While many people are raving because of all the health benefits that this supplement can provide for humans, the fact of the matter is that dogs can benefit just as much as we can. Keep reading for some information about colostrum for dogs.What kinds of health benefits can a dog get from colostrum? To begin with, it’s been proven that colostrum for dogs helps to remove digestive diseases, like worms and other types of infections. Also, if your pup is aging and has a case of arthritis, then you can help relieve his symptoms by adding some colostrum to his meal. Not only that, but colostrum supplements help improve your dog’s vision, bone health, and even help fight off cancer. You can add colostrum in pill or powder form to your dog’s meals — just be sure to have him drink plenty of water afterwards.To begin with, it should be clarified that colostrum supplements are not species-specific. That is, these products work well for humans, of course, but they’re also just as good for other species of creatures, including dogs. You can give it to your canine friend, then pop it on your own mouth, and both of you will be on your way to better health!
Colostrum is the next thing that we feed our dogs. Colostrum is the first milk of a mammal during pregnancy. Colostrum is the ‘first vaccination’ for the new born because it contains a lot of antibodies. It is high in leukocytes (protective white blood cells) which is highly possibly why newborns don’t get sick. The antibodies in colostrum helps to protect against several bacterial and viral infection. Lactoferrin, a compound contained in colostrum, activates T-cells, regulates antigen pathways, and promotes enzyme activity. Lactoferrin also exhibits strong antioxidant and detoxification properties which reduce systemic inflammation. As a result, the existence of lactoferrin in the body inhibits inflammatory immune responses and may reduce the risk of cancer and disease. We believe it is one of the most natural and essential supplements available out there. What can be more natural than a mammal’s first milk?