Jordie the Chihuahua howling guaranteed to make your dog bark

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This is also a new model that is released in 2016. This bark collar for Chihuahua can be controlled remotely, and it has an amazing 100 levels of static shock intensity and vibration levels. It has 4 different types of operations that helps to discourage the dog from barking. It can either emit a light, sound, vibrations and of course the static shock, which is safe for the dog. What’s more, it can be controlled for up to 300 meters away, which makes it perfect for outdoor training purposes. This bark collar for Chihuahua is one of the top sellers in Amazon!
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my chihuahua is usually very quiet. However, he does the #1 alert bark for a few minutes when someone is at the door. This I feel is completely normal and even a good thing, it could alert my family to potential danger. Another time, my dog uses the same bark is somewhat confusing. I work full-time and leave the house for 8 hours a day/5 days a week, my dog has no issues with my departure. He is always happy to see me return home and we are quite bonded. He also is bonded well with my husband ( who is retired and stays home most of the day) However, if my husband leaves he barks incessantly (until he is outside the door) and gets right up to his ankles. He has never bitten anyone, but it is disturbing how close it gets to my husband’s ankle. Chihuahuas love to bark. It's a perfectly normal thing for a dog to do, but excessive barking is so frustrating!
Photo provided by FlickrMy girlfriends chihuahua puppy barking at the fire SO CUTE!!CLICK HERE FOR EXPERT VIDEOS ON HOW TO STOP DOG BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS,
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Sia (left) is an eleven-year-old Carin Terrier Mix who lives in Los Angeles with Ty, a seven-year-old Chihuahua Mix. Their family set up a dog behavior training session with me to stop dog barking and get them to stop pulling on the leash. The dogs started... Annabelle is a three-year-old Chihuahua who was adopted into a West Hollywood home joining another Chihuahua named Roxy. Their guardian set up a dog obedience training session with me to stop the dogs from barking at home and on walks. The dogs live in an... Why does your 8 months old Chihuahua and terrier mix puppy bark at everyone all the time? More than likely humans when they adopt puppies like yours; they are puppies until the age of one, smother them with attention and lots of time, petting, treats, play, and the dog which is wired to pack behavior becomes protective, perhaps at times wanting you all to itself? And, people sometimes adopt puppies even before the age of 8 weeks and this brings on anxiety and insecurity issues in pups and dogs which cause more friction with housemates and friends later as the dog gets unusually attached or other anxiety related behaviors that include hypervigilance: barking a lot, etc. which must be corrected later or the animal is then rehomed due to the human not understanding how this was created to begin with.
Chihuahuas are the ideal lovable, loyal and long-term pal. When you’re alone in the house with a Chihuahua, you’re never alone — they sleep on your lap, sit by your side, or follow you from room to room while you do chores. When you’re not home, they protect it like their personal domain, barking at the sign of any approaching stranger (making them surprisingly effective watchdogs). This endearing love and devotion, however, can sometimes evolve into a fierce protectiveness, making them a force to reckon with when they try to compete with other pets or family members for your attention. Nevertheless, this big-time attitude packed inside a pint-sized frame has a remarkable way of being endearing rather than annoying. Whether in an apartment, a house or a palace, a Chihuahua is perfectly accommodated. And they’re fairly easy to care for, needing minimal exercise and food. But don’t skimp on the attention: Chihuahuas crave affection and companionship to the point where they may resort to attention-getting tricks. And watch out: They are so quick-witted and cunning and sweet, you might find yourself doing an overtime shift of petting, scratching and cuddling.Abby (left) is a Chihuahua mix who lives with a Maltese named Luna in Marina del Ray, California. In this dog behavior training session I worked with Abby who is an anxious dog fearful of new guests and people she doesn’t know; barking, lunging at... This Dogs bark will get your Dogs attention 100% of the time. Play it and see what happens to your Dog! - Guaranteed reaction! Comment below and tell me what happens to your Dog.

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