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Most importantly, this best dog food storage container is well made with products that are safe for food storage. As pet owners, we go above and beyond to make sure our cats and dogs are healthy, and that we provide them with quality nutrition. However, sometimes we fail to think about the containers that we keep their pet food in. If your dog food storage container is made with cheap plastic, some of the chemicals from the plastic can leach into your dog’s food. You could spend extra money to purchase a high-quality food, only to contaminate it yourself by storing it in a poor-quality container.

In fact, pricey “gourmet” dog foods can easily contain less of the nutrients a dog needs than cheaper, mass-market foods, Parker says.
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Dog food container: cheap black swing-top trash can, $1 paw print decals from Dollar General (two packs), and one black drawer pull screwed into the lid. It's perfect for storing our two large dogs' food in, and being as it's tall, it takes up less space than a short, squat container. 463 Results - Great but Cheap Pet Dog Food Container, Cheap Home & Garden,Luggage & Bags, as well as Cheap and more
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As an alternative, you can buy rubber containers at a very cheap price at general goods stores. These tubs are more often used to store personal effects, but their waterproof nature can also make them great storage containers for large amounts of dry dog food.When you store your dog’s food in an unsafe plastic container, your pet will surely ingest some of the toxins. BPA (BisphenalA) is one of the most harmful toxins. Cheap quality plastic also contains lots of other toxins.​