Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel crate for dogs and cats that travel.

3 Best Dog Crates & Carries For Car Travel: 2017 Reviews & Ratings
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In a crash, an unrestrained animal can not only suffer from injuries but also fly forward like a missile, injuring the driver and passengers as well. That’s why you need a good restraint harness. The Center for Pet Safety tested the and certified it as the safest in-car dog harness available, giving this model a five-star crash-test rating. Like Sleepypod’s popular Clickit Utility harness (which the CPS chose as a 2013 Top Performer), the Clickit Sport incorporates a wide, padded vest and provides three points of contact in the car to distribute the force of a sudden stop across a wider area of the dog’s body than other restraint harnesses, thereby reducing the chance of serious injury. Jennifer Shirley, a dog trainer at Oregon Humane Society and a former member of the OHSTAR team, recommends it highly. And an who used the Utility version gratefully notes that it worked in a real-life accident.
Safe ways to transport your dog in your car | Cesar's Way
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For small dogs, the best car safety option is a crate or a soft-sided carrier, secured with your car's safety belt (if you choose to have your pet travel in the front passenger seat, be sure to disable the passenger-side air bag). Again, the best choice is a hard-sided Sky Kennel in one of the smaller sizes, strapped in with a safety belt. If you plan to fly with your small dog, or take her with you on public transit, you'll want to purchase a soft-sided in-cabin carrier. My favorites include Chloe's large SturdiBag carrier and the Sleepypod Air carrier, which are both designed with car use in mind: Straps on the carrier's long sides allow a seat belt to pass through and hold the carrier closely against the seat. 15 results - Dog travel crates make traveling with your pet easy & stress-free
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It’s long been recommended that smaller pets travel in body harnesses or soft carriers that interface with a car’s shoulder belt, or in a travel carrier or crate, for larger dogs. Those options keep pets in place during normal driving, reducing distractions. And in case of an accident, it was believed they might reduce the likelihood of pet injury.* Can I carry more than two (2) dogs in a double cage and is it safe?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage Double Models have only been tested with two dog dummies. If you have smaller dogs you can transport them if they are all small enough to fit comfortably in a larger MIM Safe - Variocage. In fact, it is better that smaller dogs in a larger cage have les room to tumble around in in the event of a crash. Transporting two (2) smaller dogs in a larger cage is better than putting One (1) smaller dog in a larger cage. However, if you put a small terrier breed in a Double XXL Cage by itself, and have a crash, the potential for harm is greater. Again, a single dog in a smaller cage is better than a single dog in a larger cage. Our cages are not that big that it would work for more than two (2) of the larger breeds. * Can I carry two (2) dogs in a double cage and keep them separated from each other?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage includes a removable divider with all Double Model Cages. The divider is recommended for traveling with two (2) Dogs. The divider will partition the cage so you can travel safely with two (2) dogs ... one on each side. Also, when traveling with one dog, the other side if very useful for luggage, groceries, supplies, and materials storage. In the event of a crash, these objects will be contained and not present a hazard to occupants in the vehicle. For owners of small dogs and cats, CPS recommends using one of the 2015 Top Performing Carriers, while larger dogs should travel in a 2015 Top Performing Crate or the top performing harness.