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“My dog sits still most of the time and does not need a car restraint when traveling.”
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The original Leashboss chew-proof dog seat belt restraint is also designed to be clipped to the car’s baby safety seat latch bars instead of the seat belt receptacle to ensure the dogs don’t accidentally unbelt themselves and to be used only with a dog’s harness instead of a collar to guarantee a safe journey for both the dog and the driver.
Car Trips: Use Dog Car Restraints and Travel Safely
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. I tried a traditional dog safety restrain from Vastar. It's not a full dog car harness per se, but rather a simple lead that secures to your car's seat belt buckle and clips to your Fido's collar to keep him in place. It works similar to a dog car seat belt, and is the cheapest dog car safety solution you can find. Click & Adjust Dog Car Restraint
Photo provided by FlickrCar restraints for dogs help keep you and your pet safe when the two of you are on the go.
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Crates and simple car seat belts cannot offer protection and safety in a car like the PupSaver Car Seat can! The PupSaver is a small dog car safety seat, created for small breed dogs in need of a safe seat for car rides. Harnesses, crates and booster seats are not the safest options for small dogs, since they offer no impact protection in case of accidents or short stops. The PupSaver offers full protection without complete restraint. It protects dogs up to 30 lbs and easily hooks up in…Safety first
Without a doubt, some sort of car restraint is the most important car accessory for a dog owner to buy and use. Many people think the use of canine seat belts (or some other restraint) is ridiculous; however, 20 years ago, many people thought seat belts for people were an unnecessary annoyance. Several thousand lives saved later, most people have gotten with the program and buckle up.But unless you properly restrain your dog when you are on the road, you could be putting him or her in serious danger. In reality, dogs should be strapped in at all times when they are riding in cars with their owners.Besides, the use of restraints undeniably prevents canine injuries; who among us hasn’t, at some point in their driving career, had to slam on the brakes in traffic and had their dog flung against the seat, dashboard, or windshield in front of them? Restraints also save canine lives. Several years ago, my brother Bill lost his beautiful Australian Shepherd-mix in a horrible car accident. Lacy survived the impact, but, in a panic immediately after the crash, leaped through the shattered windshield and was killed moments later when she dashed under the wheels of a truck. Bill was fine – he was wearing his seat belt. What a tragedy that Lacy wasn’t.At EzyDog, our dog seat belt restraints are sturdy and easy to buckle, and will make every car ride with your puppy a pleasant experience. The dog seat belts available from EzyDog are:Finally, another good reason to restrain your dog in the car is to prevent her rambunctious antics from causing a wreck. (Did you all read the news accounts of famous author Stephen King being hit by a car, and seriously injured, by a driver who was reprimanding his dog while driving?)