The hot dog sauce sucks, I think. I can't stand that stuff.

lol wow I never thought about canning hot dogs…….brilliant ..will try it ty
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begins the episode by giving a presentation about historical bridge collapses to his . As the camera pans down, he's shown wearing a hot-dog . He ends his lecture and wishes his students a Happy Halloween, throwing candy to each of them. They joke around, and one of his students asks if Ted will go out with them. However, Ted declines, saying he has another party to attend.
Dude, love the videos, I had to do the canned hotdogs like you did, but I used polish sausage
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or they can be pickled like the little canned weenies - but you need to do them in straight sided jars with no lip and use quality hotdogs that are 'all meat'. Pack loosely. They will still expand and soak up the liquid. they come out kind of like the potted meat stuff. They slide out whole like weenies but you couldn't pick one up with a toothpick or stir them up in a fry pan without them falling apart. And they still need to be pressure canned. You can't water bath them like pickles. Seriuosly if goning through the trouble to can meat, it will be a better cut than hotdogs!
Photo provided by FlickrForget the canned stuff, try this easy Hot Dog Chili Sauce at your next cookout!
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Hot dogs are tinned (canned) here in the UK which is weird for me, but some aren't too bad. Many of the sausages are similar to hot dogs. There is a turkey and pork one that I love because it's peppery and has a great texture. I like to slice it up and put with pasta, pinch of garlic and some onions. Or with baked beans, onions, and mashed potato on top - something the hubby created.On July 7 and July 11, 2007, public health officials in Texas and Indiana, respectively, reported to CDC four suspected cases of foodborne botulism, two in each state. Investigations conducted by state and local health departments revealed that all four patients had eaten brands of Castleberry's hot dog chili sauce before illness began. Botulinum toxin type A was detected in the serum of one Indiana patient and in a leftover chili mixture obtained from his home. CDC informed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the apparent link between illness and consumption of the chili sauce. On July 18, FDA issued a consumer advisory, and the manufacturer, Castleberry's Food Company (Augusta, Georgia), subsequently recalled the implicated brand and several other products produced in the same set of retorts (commercial-scale pressure cookers for processing canned foods) at the same canning facility. Examination of the canning facility in Georgia during the outbreak investigation had identified deficiencies in the canning process. On July 19, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued a press release that announced a recall of chili and certain meat products from the Castleberry canning facility and provided recommendations to consumers. That recall was expanded on July 21 to include additional canned products. A fifth case of botulism potentially linked to one of the recalled products is under investigation in California. This report describes the ongoing investigation by members of OutbreakNet* and others and the measures undertaken to control the outbreak, which is the first outbreak of foodborne botulism in the United States associated with a commercial canning facility in approximately 30 years. Clinicians should be vigilant for symptoms of botulism, including symmetric cranial nerve palsies, especially if accompanied by descending flaccid paralysis. Consumers should not eat any of the recalled chili sauce or other recalled products and should carefully dispose of all recalled products. Information regarding product disposal is available at .Whether you take 'em with ketchup and mustard, celery salt and pickles, or (it's a thing!), you are pretty much bound by law to eat a hot dog on July 4th. To not do so is to be un-American! But unlike men, all hot dogs are definitely not created equal, as we discovered over the course of one hour last week as we blind-tasted our way through nine popular supermarket brands in search of the finest frank of all. Twenty-seven boiled hot dogs later, here's what we found:Look at this and tell me if you would buy these hot dogs today. How could you resist buying these knowing that each can includes a “Sack O’ Sauce”.