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Bully Sticks are 100% Beef Sticks Dog Treats and dog chews made from the pizzle of the bull.
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In the opinion of experts as long as you practice moderation, you should have no problem with bully treats. However, it would be prudent to factor the calories provided by bully sticks into the overall dietary intake of the animal. So, cut down on 100 calories during meals if your dog has spent hours chewing and gobbling up his bull pizzle treat.
Photo: A variety of bully sticks (also known as pizzle treats) often fed to dogs as chew treats (photo credit: )
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My 9 lb poodle loves bully sticks! In the past, I purchased smaller rawhide sticks because the bully sticks looked to thick for her little mouth. One day, I decided to try a single bully stick... that little dog chewed on that thing for a week until it was a nub... she normally just chews and I end up throwing away most of the worn down hide! I wanted to see what caused this little dog to obsess over this new treat, so I looked up beef pizzle... OOhhhh... ok! :) Nov 6, 2014 - Bully sticks are popular dog treats, made from the pizzle (aka the penis) of a bull
Photo provided by FlickrOne treat for dogs is the bull or steer penis, commonly known as “bully” or “pizzle” sticks.
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While processing, the bull's penis that is usually measures around 23-25 inches in length, is removed and cleaned. Manufactures of bully sticks hang the pizzles vertically to allow containing fluids to fully run out. Without these fluids the bully stick is odorless. At the next stage of processing bully sticks are stretched, twisted and then dried or/and smoked. The outcome is a 30-40 inches long hard brown stick which is then cut into pieces appropriate for dogs of all sizes. You can choose small bully sticks of 4'', large beef pizzles of 36'' and any length between.Merrick Bully Sticks are one of the most famous and favorite among all beef pizzle dog treats, with irresistible flavor and great benefits for dogs dental health. We promise this is not an allegation - over the past couple of years Merrick dog treats have been featured by as number one brand for dog treats in the USA.In the beginning of manufacturing process the bull's penis that is usually 23-25 inches long, is removed and cleaned. It is hung vertically for the fluids contained to fully drain. Without these fluids bully sticks are odor free. At the next stage of processing bull penises are stretched, twisted or braided, dried and then may be smoked for flavor. The result is a 30-40 inches long very hard brown stick which is cut into pieces suitable for dogs of any size. Thus you can buy small bully sticks of 4'', large beef pizzles of 30 inches and any length between, such as 5'', 6'', 7'', 9'' and 12''.Bully sticks have long held a soft spot in canine hearts with most pooches happy to spend hours chewing away at them, and given the excitement with which dogs react to bull pizzle treats, dog owners are only too happy to indulge their furry friends. Yet, a shocking number of pet parents and even veterinarians don’t know what goes into the making of these treats and just how healthy they are.These pure beef, high protein, low fat treat help massage gums and remove tarter buildup and will keep your dogs occupied for hours. Dogs go nuts over this premium chew. Bully Sticks are pure muscle and are slowly roasted in their own juices to lock in flavor. Make sure to buy a size appropriate for your dog! We have a large variety including steer sticks, braided pizzles and jumbo-extra thick pizzle sticks. Available in 4”, 5”, 6” 8”, 12” and 28-30 full cane. Made in USABull pizzle along with other parts of the cattle that become dog treats are gathered from slaughterhouses all over the country and even overseas. Once brought to the manufacturing plant, the organ is removed and cleaned before it is hanged upside down, so that any traces of urine and semen flow out of it. Without these body fluids, the pizzle is an odorless piece of fibrous meat.