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Using Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for my 4 year old black Labrador. His breath smells awful but he seems to enjoy it. My brother told me about Fromm. About the same price. One less star on this website. Anyone have any complaints about breath? All the reviews seem to be good.
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I absolutely love Blue Buff, the ingredients, and the wholesome feeling it gives me when feeding my dogs such quality food. This food helped my 3 year old Blue Heeler with her itchy coat and dry skin, much of which I attribute to allergies (mostly seasonal). I did a lot of research before switching to Blue Buffalo and was impressed with what I saw, considering I had been feeding my dog a “1-star dog food” previously.
That said, when I got a new puppy, an Aussie Collie mix, I put him on Blue Buff puppy formula. Poor thing had diahrea for months… I asked the vet about it, I had him tested for worms and various other things, and he was a healthy dog, with constant diahrea. Potty training was impossible. In addition to this, his farts were clear-the-room-horrible. I have never experienced anything so foul. I switched him and the other dog back to (a different) one of the “1-star dog foods” and no more diahrea, or nasty farts! I have not seen any negative reactions to the 1-star food and the coats of both of my dogs are beautiful.
I suppose it is not for all dogs. company may wish to visit our review of Blue Buffalo Longevity dry dog food.
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What we are going through doesn't compare what the two girls went through. But, I cry all the time and my wife cant quit crying. These two dogs were our life, and the way and manner of which they died is unacceptable. I have read so many reviews and talked to so many people in the last weeks of many dogs sicken or dying after eating Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food. I would of never fed this dog food to my dog if I had even known there was a possibility of any type of sicken or death. We now are not celebrating the holidays for there is nothing to celebrate! This is so horrible and should be considered a crime!When mu Yellow Lab turned a year old, I transitioned him from Nutro Dry Puppy food to BB dry Puppy food. Post that 30lb bag with no issues, I transitioned him to adult chicken and brown rice. After about 1-week into the adult food, I noticed he was having soft stools which smelled more foul than previous. No other issues. I then began the transition to BB adult fish and oatmeal. This is when the serious problems began. Over the course of 2-weeks, his poops became more and more soft. I thought he had picked up a small ear infection from swimming and began to treat him for that. One week later it was coming out both ends. His poops were nothing more than brown smelly water that shot out like a cannon. He became listless and he would not eat or drink for over 36hrs. I took him to the vet hospital and they had to administer liquids because he was so dehydrated. They tested him for ear infections and parasites, all proved negative. They put him on a high fiber diet for a week and by the end of the week, he was back to his normal self. I transitioned him from the high fiber back to BB fish and immediately the soft stools began along with the foul. He is now on a mix of high fiber and Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal and doing great. The best he has felt and the most energy in 6-weeks. I am now transitioning to only Simply Nourish and he seems to be doing well.
After a $350 vet bill, 8-hr stay in the dog hospital, and two bouts with serious diarrhea, I am done with Blue Buffalo.Just a question. For anyone with a negative review and/or experience of Blue Buffalo products I would like to know A) What kind of dry food you prefer for your dogs. B) The breed of your dogs. And C) The difference your food makes in your dogs. I have only recently started using BB and I do see a significant change in my dogs but I also am concerned about what I have read today. My email is the easiest way to reach me. Help. I finally found a dry kibble my dog LOVES to eat. Avoderm Oven baked original beef. I read all the reviews and did my studies . I saw where others had mentioned runny stool with Avoderm use. I have always given him a tsp of canned pure pumpkin a day for his digestion and any runny stools, but nothing seems to help his runny stool since he has been on the Avoderm. He has been on it for approx 3-4 months. I hate to change foods as he LOVES this Avoderm and would hardly touch the Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo. Any ideas on what can be done with him on the Avoderm. The runny stools are about 4 or 5 days a week. My reason for the Avoderm was skin allergies and also food taste for him.