Newfoundland Black Dog Wood Leash Holder Hook. $20.00, via Etsy.

 FeaturesBlack Dog LeashSpecificationsColor: BlackSize: 1 x 5 ft. Weight: 0.6
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"My dog is a gentle walker, doesn't really pull too much unless there's food or a squirrel. So I thought getting a leash to wrap around me would be a good idea. It's wonderful, and functional. Strong but light. I don't what else to say about it, it fits the bill and is aesthetically-pleasing (all black with matte black hardware)."
Lupine Nylon Dog Leash 4-foot x 1-inch Black
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Good2Go Retractable Black Dog Leash offer the longest length to allow your pet room to roam and explore in open areas. Millions of happy dog owners around the globe are using a unique retractbale leashes Nylon Dog Traffic Leash 1-inch x 2 foot Black
Photo provided by FlickrPetco Nylon Reflective Dog Leash in Black full set
Photo provided by FlickrGood2Go Retractable Black Dog Leash
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Fortunately, every Black Dog has a collar. Why? Because depression is a manageable, treatable mental illness. What you have to figure out is how to snap a leash on that collar, and regain control, when your Black Dog breaks loose.What you do with the black dog is specific – and entirely up to – you. However, if ever again his leash starts to fray or the snap gives way, you’ll know what to do.Step 5: Snap the leash. After you spend some time approaching the dog – maybe leisurely, maybe with full force – you’ll find the two of you face to face and you’ll know it’s time to snap the leash on his collar. He might struggle a bit at first – maybe whine or let out a few final, weak growls – but you’ll continue with your medicine, your counseling, your workouts, your meditation, or your nights out with friends, and before long, your Black Dog will tire out and you’ll regain control.Is your dog a bruiser? Could their sheer willpower easily defeat any normal nylon leash? This might be the one for you. Inspired by ultra-tough climbing gear, this leash is made of kernmantle rope, which is also used for parachute cords. This is meant for dogs who easily wear through leashes of lesser material. It has an easy-to-hold tubular handle, as well as a loop just below it for accessories like lights or pick-up bags. The attachment mechanism is a locking carabiner that will ensure a strong connection to your dog. Reflective trim is woven into the rope material to improve visibility. Available in both small and large thicknesses (both 60 inches in length) as well as four colors: Blue Spring, Obsidian Black, Purple Dusk, and Red Currant.Black Leather for the Traditional Braided J&J Dog Leash Black Braided Leather Dog Leash now available after years of requests, it is here! A New Twist to the Leather Dog Training Leash 6 foot made by J&J Dog Supplies...Naturally, if you have two dogs, you’ll need two leashes, right? Not quite. This clever bungee system makes it easy to walk two dogs without the hassle of two leashes getting tangled. Available in three sizes, this leash relies on a swivel attachment just above the split to seamlessly join two dogs to one leash handle. The bungee function helps to absorb some of the tugging that is certain to come from walking two dogs at once. As an added bonus, they include a wall hook for storing the leash. This leash also includes reflective material woven into the weatherproof nylon, but only comes in black.