What's the best dog food for English Bulldogs?

What is the best food in your opinion to feed english bulldog puppies?
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Why is it so important to keep your English Bulldog on the best diet for him or her? Because you want your Bulldog to live the longest, healthiest life possible. It is important to keep your bulldog on a natural based diet with good supplements to help insure the healthiest immune system, hips & skin throughout your bulldogs life. Remember, the first 18 months of your Bulldogs life is when his or her hips & immune system are developing into what he/she will have as an adult Bulldog. Also recent studies show that cancer is the leading cause for death in canines. Oncologists in the USA estimate that almost 50 percent of dogs will die of cancer. By keeping your Bulldog on a natural based diet with good supplements you help cut down the amount of toxins & free radicals in your dog's body greatly decreasing the chances of your dog developing cancer as opposed to feeding your dog a commercialized dog food that is full of chemicals and toxins. Also, it is better for a Bulldog to be on a diet that is lower in the amount of processed protein around 22% - 25% is good. Too much processed protein can be bad for your bully's kidneys. Too, because Bulldogs have such shallow joints it is better for Bulldog puppies to be on a lower protein food to help cut down on growth spurts and pains. For this reason we feed our Bulldog puppies small bite adult formula.
Isn’t this just one of the best dog food for English Bulldogs
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The Wellness Core Natural grain food is also one of the best choices when you’re looking for the best quality dog foods for your English Bulldog! That’s what makes it one of the best dog food for English Bulldogs.
Photo provided by FlickrThe best English Bulldog food should at the very least include 25% to 35% protein. But this is not optimal for most healthy Bulldogs.
Photo provided by FlickrAs English Bulldogs are a breed that needs a lot of protein, this formula seems to be the best dog food for English Bulldogs.
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Sensible advice for raising your English Bulldog puppy so he lives a long healthy life and seldom needs to visit the vet. Learn about the most common health problems and issues in English Bulldogs, the best dog food diet for feeding English Bulldog puppies and adult dogs, the truth about vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and natural health care.English Bulldogs seem like , but they are actually considered to be medium size. Because of this they need a good amount of calories throughout the day. Many choose to feed their dogs just once per day, but the better option is to do it twice. Two smaller portions help keep the in better health. Every owner should know the best dog food for English Bulldogs so they can feed them appropriately.It is very crucial to take care of your dog’s sensitive stomach and skin. In this handly post, we will cover some best dog food for English & french bulldogs that has skin allergies.Due to weight complications and food sensitives an English Bulldog can develop, one of the best options for dog food is Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food.Bulldogs may be small, but they are also muscular. For this reason, it is important that English Bulldogs receive the proper amount of protein. They need to eat adequately to maintain their weight and body shape. The only problem with this is that many Bulldogs actually end up developing . This can make it difficult to find foods that work. Fish is the best source of protein for English Bulldogs.They don't call it the incredible edible egg for nothing! :) Eggs really are the best source of nutrition for an English Bulldog, as they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and they contain needed vitamins in a natural form. About 100% of the nutrition in every egg is used by your dog's body, unlike processed supplements and dog foods.