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make the switch, consider that the best diet for your individual dog must:.
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2. Flax seed (ground or oil) is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids that are good for skin and coat. Whole flax seeds are best if ground right before feeding as this type of fat can go rancid quickly. Flax seed can also be added to your dog’s diet as a source of fibre. Flax oil is a more concentrated form of omega- 3 fatty acids without the fibre. Make sure that you store the oil or seeds in the fridge in an air tight dark container.
I am not sure that is a balanced diet or that it will keep her satiated. I agree fresh foods are best. I make homemade food for my dog.
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I feed my labs mostly Victor grain free kibble with many different toppers or add-ins. I try to rotate kibble now and then as well, such as Rotations and Nutrisource dry dog foods. I think it is best to rotate to avoid feeding too much of one nutrient or ingredient and too little of another for an extended period of time. Check out this link for more information on rotating . Science Diet or Royal Canin would not be top choices for me, but I’d probably try the Simply Nourish. Good luck! A bland diet for dogs may help comfort your best friend during these uneasy times
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Unlike dogs, cats have a very good chance of becoming non-diabetic if certain dietary changes are made and their insulin resistant factors are controlled (like obesity, etc). It is very common for a cat to require insulin for only a few months and then go into diabetic remission. The two most important recommendations for cats with diabetes are no carbohydrates and no dry food! Diabetic cats should eat a high–protein, moderate fat and low/no carbohydrate food for the best chance of remission from their diabetes. The desired levels may vary if your cat has other medical conditions, but in general, I recommend that at least 45% of your cat's calories come from protein, 25 to 30% from fat and only 10% (or less) of their calories come from carbohydrates. and are great options.Raw offal (organ meat including heart and liver) from a variety of meat sources should be fed for one or two meals per week or 10-15 % to of the diet. Some dogs do not tolerate offal well, so it may be best to divide it up and feed a little each day to avoid loose stools.Hey. My friend has a dog, and two days later, she found out that he has Addison’s disease. She is really worried, and she wants to do everything for him. That is totally reasonable, of course. The vet told her that she should try first with some diet program, because it is not so serious, she found this on time. I really want to help her, so I was wondering, do you know what is the best diet for dogs with Addison’s disease? Anyone here have the same problem, can you help us?Veterinarians debate about the amount of fiber that is best for dogs recovering from pancreatitis. Some dogs respond better to low-fiber diets (0.5 to 5 percent DM), using mixed soluble and insoluble fiber types, while others do better on diets that include moderate levels of insoluble fiber (10 to 15 percent). The difference may depend on what other gastrointestinal disorders the dog has. Low fiber is recommended for dogs in the initial recovery stages of acute pancreatitis, as fiber slows gastric emptying, which may prolong pancreatic stimulation.And finally, it is important to remember that every patient is an individual. One diet may be appropriate for one patient, but not another – especially if the pet is dealing with multiple diseases. Your own veterinarian is the best person to help you create a diet that suits your dog’s individual needs.If the diet you feed lacks variety, especially organ meats, it’s best to add a supplement designed to balance out a homemade diet. Two supplements are designed to balance out high-carb diets: Balance IT Canine and Furoshnikov’s Formulas Vitamins & Minerals for Home-Cooked Dog Food.