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Hi Marcia….get your dog on RAW goat’s milk (not the stuff from the grocery store). It will help with his IBD. I know a few people whose dogs had horrible digestive/gastro issues and they put their dogs on the goat’s milk and it helped tremendously. If you want even better results, get him off the kibble! There are some great commercial raw foods out there and they are far healthier for your dog than kibble. We took all three of our dogs off kibble and put them on raw due to various health issues (after we said we’d never so raw) and it was the best decision we’ve made. Our dogs will never eat kibble again. Best of luck!
Apr 21, 2017 - One of the best options you can give your personal protection dogs is commercial raw dog food
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The best nutrition is specie appropriate, balanced raw. But that might be overwhelming for a new dog owner. 🙂 There are commercial raw diets, they are expensive. Then there’s canned, dehydrated or freeze dried, and kibbles. Most people think dog food has to be kibble, but that’s actually relatively new. It was invented in 1890. Before grain based kibble, dogs lived twice as long. Best Picks of Organic Raw Dog Food, Commercial Raw and Certified - | See more about Dog food reviews, Dogs and Food reviews.
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People are very passionate when it comes to the subject of what they feed their dogs, and with good reason. At Dee-O-Gee, we are too! In our opinion, a good diet leads to a long and healthy life - even greater psychological well-being for our pets. The question is, what is the best food to feed our furry kids? A large majority of people are still of the mindset of feeding a commercial kibble or canned food, which can be very good for your pet. But, what if there were even better options? Many of our customers owners today are looking for other options.A raw food-based diet is one approach that has grown in popularity over the last decade. Along with this growing popularity has come growing controversy regarding the benefits of feeding a raw diet.You’ll read research on adding in crushed eggshells for calcium, , Vitamin E oil, , coconut oil, and other “supplements” to ensure your dog is getting the optimal nutrition, but basically, upgrading to a raw meat and organ-filled diet is going to be such an improvement over commercial pet food, your dog will show huge signs of improved health without all those additives. Supplementing a BARF diet long term with nutritional add-ins and is generally the best practice to reach an even higher level of optimal nutrition for your pooch.Their executive summary? More and more dog owners and veterinarians are learning that well-formulated raw diets are the best food for most dogs most of the time – but the commercial raw dog food industry has problems. They are disappointed with the apparent lack of basic nutritional knowledge demonstrated by many companies – as evidenced by the formulation of their products – despite the manufacturers’ good intentions.Some folks think it’s best not to mix raw and kibble together in the same meal due to varying transit times between the two creating an environment for unhealthy bacteria. I do it and my dogs have no issue with it. I frequently will feed a meal of kibble with a topper in the morning and raw or dehydrated for dinner. I use commercial raw foods that I know are balanced rather than homemade raw, which isn’t… at least not without some effort.