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Compare Dry Dog Food: Beneful Healthy Growth For Puppies vs Ultra Large Breed Puppy
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I have a pure breed Golden retriever that is going to be 2 in Novemeber. I have had no problems with purena products. All my dogs have been on Beneful and that is the only dog food that my dog will eat. Blue Buffalo and Evo have been recalled along with many other brands including science diet which is what a lot of vets in our area try to sell to you. I think that everyone should look into this before switching your pet to a different brand. My dof has been eating beneful since he was 6 months old and I have had no health issues with him…Good Luck everyone and yes I knocked on wood.
Compare Dry Dog Food: Beneful Original vs Pedigree Small Breed Mini Crunchy Bites
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I have two dogs. Noticed they were drinking alot. Both have suddenly started to develops lumps. Not the same breed or age. I have fed them Benedikt for over a year. Throwing it out right now! Compare Dry Dog Food: Pedigree Small Breed Mini Crunchy Bites vs Beneful Incredibites
Photo provided by FlickrCompare Dry Dog Food: Beneful Original vs Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Brown Rice
Photo provided by FlickrCompare Dry Dog Food: Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Nutrition vs Beneful Healthy Growth For Puppies
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According to the nutrition experts at Purina®, the company behind Beneful® dog foods, dogs are generally considered puppies until they are a year old. Large and giant breed dogs with lots of growing to do actually retain puppy status until age 2. During this time, a quality puppy food like should be in your puppy’s bowl. This delicious formula is made with real chicken, wholesome rice and accents of vitamin-rich veggies. It’s also calcium rich to help support developing teeth and bones. Plus, it provides 100% of the nutrients he needs to help him thrive every day, plus DHA to help support healthy brain and vision development. I have two wonderful dogs. They are both Labs. One is a female who is 11 yrs. old and the other is a male 9 yrs old. One is an American breed and the other is the English breed. They were purchase from two different breeders in two different states. We had been feeding our dogs Beneful from the beginning. Coincidentally, they both are diabetic. We have to give them insulin twice a day. I always wondered how on earth can both my dogs be diabetic and then my daughter called and told me to stop feeding the dogs Beneful due to the bad reviews to read. She had been giving her dogs Beneful as well but not as long as we have. I don't know if Beneful is why both my dogs are ill but it seems odd that we have such different dogs and this happens. I pray that my dogs stay with our family for a lot longer.Feeding recommendations for adult dogs can vary, depending upon the breed, activity, and metabolism of your dog. Every package of Beneful® brand Dog Food will offer feeding guidelines for adult dogs or puppies. "At Beneful, we know all about the strong bond shared by dogs and owners, as well as the joys that relationship brings," said , of the Beneful team and best friend to her mixed breed rescue named Frigo. "We're dog owners and lovers too and are proud to play such an important role in keeping our best friends on four legs healthy and happy – not just during National Dog Week, but 365-days a year."