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Beneful tubbed dog food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2 stars.
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Beneful Healthy Weight is a maintenance formula dog food. The first five ingredients in this food are: Chicken, chicken by-product meal, whole grain corn, soybean hulls*, and barley. Purina notes that soybean hulls* make up 12 percent of the food and are used as a source of fiber. Most sites will tell you that soybean hulls are not a desirable ingredient even as a source of fiber. However, it’s not unusual for weight management dog foods to include extra fiber as a way to help your dog feel full while cutting his calories. You can online discussing soybean hulls as a . This food has 309 kcal/cup. It has 25 percent crude fiber, 8 percent crude fat, 9 percent crude fiber, and 14 percent moisture – so it certainly fits the profile of a food that has more protein and fiber and less fat to help dogs lose weight. One objection owners sometimes have about weight control dog foods is that foods with less fat leave their dogs feeling hungry and begging for more food. A higher percentage of fiber may help your dog feel full even though he is eating fewer calories.
Purina Beneful Dog Food Only .99 At Target!
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I’ve got 2 english bulldogs ive feed them beneful for 1 yr. itching, licking their feet til their raw sores, breakouts in skin, has issues of lameness. They both drink a huge amount of water. Many vet trips. We heard about Beneful an have now switched dog food but so afraid the damage have already been done. Coupon Reset! Beneful Dog Food, Only $1.75 at Target!
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Photo provided by FlickrJudging by its ingredients alone, Beneful tubbed dog food looks like a below-average wet product.
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Purina contends the lawsuit is without merit and their products are completely safe. Last month, the company launched a l, which is called, "I stand behind Beneful." "Beneful is a safe, nutritious, high-quality dog food," the company said, adding it looks forward to proving the case in court.After determining that he could not accept the testimony of an expert witness, a federal court judge has handed a legal victory to Nestle Purina PetCare in a that claimed the company’s Beneful brand dog food made thousands of dogs ill.That’s why our Beneful beef and chicken dry dog food recipes have real beef or chicken as the #1 ingredient. And mixed with accents of veggies and no added sugar, our dog food brings your best buddy tons of tastes and textures to nourish both inside and out. It’s healthful. It’s flavorful. It’s Beneful.But of pet foods and found Beneful Original Dog Food Dry contained very high levels of mycotoxins that were harmful to pets. The Pet Food Institute, a trade group, has countered that claim and includes links to veterinarians' and researchers' articles that refer to the group's testing as "pseudo science" and The lawsuit also raises the possibility that dogs’ illness and death are due to the presence of mycotoxins in Beneful products. Toxins produced by mold, mycotoxins can contaminate grains used in pet food. The toxins can target an animal’s liver, which could lead to death.Purina’s Vlieks said her company’s veterinarians vigorously test for mycotoxins as well as measure which amount of propylene glycol is safe for dogs. Vlieks said Beneful is made according to high-quality human food-grade levels when it comes to measuring amounts of propylene glycol.