Playing TREIBBALL with the new Aussie Dog Tryballs!

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Chaos The Aussie, the extra large Australian Shepherd fetching his ball in the water. His swimming back and fourth. Great footage with GoPro Hero 3+ Black . We love Cloud Star Products, we decided to show all of you what we give him for healthy hip and joint function . Chaos is super active so we only like giving him the best products that support healthy joint function. We get many questions about what we feed him. We will start doing product review videos soon!!! :)

For this trip we took Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Treats with Chicken. Chaos loves them and the ingredients make me happy.

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Aussie Dog Staffie Ball
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The get-back game grows and develops a young dog’s desire to circle, run wide and stop for you on command, so that he’s familiar with the commands when you go to work stock. Watching older dogs work (but not being allowed to run with them) piques his interest and lets him know that “big dogs” get to do this. In Australia this game is commonly played with a rag tied to a stick. I like the ball best because it can be thrown easily. Many top Australian stockdogs learn all their commands such as stop, left, right, back and walk up on this game. Dogs can't wait to get out and play with this bear tested, dog approved IndestructaBALL Dog Toy by Aussie Naturals!
Photo provided by PexelsAussie Dog Staffy Ball
Photo provided by Flickre)  toys (Aussie Dog Toy) balls (dog pulls rope/bungee cord to release a small amount of food in the ball from above – expensive, but popular)
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Are you puzzled by dog toys Australian Shepherds like to play with? This stunning looking breed is a natural herder and is happiest when playing games that involve moving around. Playing games using toys that act as fetch items such as sturdy balls are fun, exciting and helps burn a lot of energy for extended periods of time. To this end look for rope toys, balls, kongs and stuffed toys.You may also consider your Aussie to play competitive dog sports. This breed has lots of energy and will enjoy chasing discs and fly balls over an obstacle course. Finally for indoor toys look for stimulating puzzle toys to keep them busy for hours - a better alternative than biting your sofa.The device stores up to five balls and can be easily worked out by your dog how to re-load the machine once balls are dispensed. This is a also a great puzzle toy which will provide the mental stimulation dogs need to keep them challenged and engaged. A clever Aussie dog toy idea!
The Aussie Dog Ball - our latest and by far the most exciting enrichment was introduced to us by the generous and kind Free the Bears Fund volunteers from AustraliaThe Aussie is often a highly energetic dog. They require regular exercise, which usually isn't satisfied with walks on a leash. Aussies usually need off-leash running exercise, including Frisbee or ball playing on a regular basis. Agility is another outlet. Some Aussies have a more laid backtemperament and become couch potatoes and would be fine with just frequent walks on leash around the neighborhood. For this reason it is important to select a dog with the temperament and energy level that will fit your lifestyle.During our recent promo shoot, we took the Aussie Dog Enduro Ball for a spin. With 40+ dogs present, the product was 'tested' by staffy's, boxers, german shepherds and other enthusiastic toy destroyers - safe to say that the Enduro Ball is still going strong and a favourite amongst our in-house test pilot, Zep, who can be seen here giving it a red hot crack! The Enduro is tough, and there is even a 'staffy' specific Enduro with a 12 month warranty which has been tested on lions. Check them out, we're hooked!