Support Local Animal Welfare Events: April 2012

Greetings fellow animal advocates! We are currently planing this year’s Animal House Party. While we’re busy with that, we wanted to share some exciting animal welfare events happening in our fair state of Michigan.

  • On April 15th The World Animal Awareness Society is hosting the Dogs of Detroit open forum in Detroit. This event is free to all Animal Rescuers & NGO’s working within the city of Detroit. Animal House Party will be in attendance!
  • All About Animals in Warren is starting a mobile spay/neuter van on April 16th in the City of Detroit! A service like this will help to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats born each year in Detroit, something that is desperately needed.
  • In their commitment to reducing the pet overpopulation, Michigan Humane Society is offering a FREE Spay/Neuter program for Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes.
  • The Michigan Legislature and animal welfare leaders such as the Michigan Humane Society are working to bring the Puppy Protection Act to fruition. These laws would crack down on large commercial breeders such as Puppy Mills. The recent puppy mill bust in Allegan County reminds us of the horrors of Puppy Mills and the damage it causes to the animals and the owners who might buy from them. Our favorite motto: Don’t shop, adopt!


If anyone knows of any other awesome animal welfare events and programs going on in the area, please feel free to leave us a comment below, share with us on Twitter @AHPCares or visit our Facebook page


“The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals.” ~Mohandas Gandhi

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