Animal Advocacy from a Person that Doesn’t Like Animals

elizabeth taylor the cat

Well, it’s not that I don’t like animals. I just don’t appreciate them in my home long-term. I also don’t have kids and haven’t really dealt with the concept of having them either. Truth is, I enjoy the company of other people’s animals and kids. It’s just when they start to poop, vomit, scream or just generally annoy I am ready to remove myself from the situation. That being said, I would say I was a pretty competent stepfather to a black-and-white fluffball named Elizabeth Taylor, who managed to pee and poop in my lap once and live many years to rub it in my face. RIP Lizzie, I miss you, you little brat.

If you cannot tell I have a love/hate relationship with other beings, but don’t we all?

When I came up with the name Animal House Party, I knew I was onto something. The educational journey that ensued though has been beyond my wildest dreams. What started as a social good effort that would allow me to showcase my ability to design, implement and provide eye-opening reporting for a program rooted in digital communications has turned into an introspective process that has challenged me to truly understand how I feel about animal rights.

While I appreciate the look of a curious dog or a mischievous cat, I have never been sold on taking one home. If I can be really honest, I just don’t see the point in it. Maintaining my own life is enough of a struggle. Taking care of another being just isn’t attractive. Yes, that makes me selfish. I know some family members that would tell you, “yep, that’s Bert!” Regardless of this, I have never saw joy from hearing about animals being abused.

While I am quickly found seething with rage when a dog I am asked to watch while their caretaker is away decides to vomit on my floor or sleep on my favorite cashmere sweater, I never look to strike the animal or anything of the sort. It never dawned on me on why that is until recently. For one, I can barely trust an animal to digest its food properly, how could I trust that it will respond positively to negative activity? And two, I just generally respect an animal’s existence. It cannot help how it needs to live, so there’s no point in beating it up over it.

Hubert with former cat Elizabeth Taylor

Yep, I can sort of see how the animal-crazed see dogs, cats, birds and other creatures similar to humans. Personally, I try to respect everyone that I wish to be respected, so I include all living things with that position.

When I say I am an animal advocate, I mean it in a universal sense. Us humans saw the need to domesticate animals and keep them in our homes. We owe it to the animals to continue to take care of them. Granted, there are people who don’t see why they should have to suffer because of the actions of their ancestors, which I get. Hey, some of us aren’t into animals like that, Jack. That being said, we cannot erase history; we can only hope to improve upon it. Much like Americans will probably forever be reminded of how slavery has affected all of our lives, we will forever have animals roaming the earth as long as we choose to maintain it. Many of whom can be easily trained to live in our homes.

I support Michigan Humane Society, because I believe that animals deserve to be placed in loving homes if they are available. Mind you, I know the folks at MHS love animals far more I do and really do not accept the idea of needing to deny any of them life. Well, the animal-crazed are a niche bunch and I love niches. That is why I want to support unifying the conversation and help them realize the opportunities available to them using an integrated communications approach. Non-profits like Michigan Humane Society don’t have the resources to get high-powered marketing or PR support, which is sad because they come under fire just like Fortune 500 companies do. Animal House Party was created to help MHS and their peers see how they can communicate more effectively on a smaller budget. It helps that we truly do care about the welfare of animals, even if some of us prefer that the animals reside in homes of other people.

Many would say we have bigger fish to fry, especially in a city like Detroit. We cannot cure all of society’s ills overnight, but we can continue to stay aware of them and try to improve the status quo little by little. Animal House Party hopes to inspire other social good groups to come up with practical ideas that can evoke change in our communities.

Remember, you can fight for the right of animals and not need to take them home. Come party with us on Saturday, August 6th. (Un)Fortunately, there won’t be any real animals present (health code regulations), so everyone can have a good time!

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  • Eliza

    Elizabeth Taylor would be proud of you Hubert!

  • Eliza

    Elizabeth Taylor would be proud of you Hubert!

  • Angelee

    Love it! :)

  • Julian Bond

    Nice read here Hubert!!

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