Extension Kit to increase height of dog airline kennel 500.

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Some airlines allow small pets in the cabin of the plane, if they're in a carry-on kennel or approved carrier that fits under a passenger seat; standard carry-on baggage restrictions must be followed. Usually, these flights need to be less than six hours. Animals other than dogs or cats may not be allowed--airlines have very specific regulations--and odor or noise disturbance can get a pet and passenger removed from the plane before take-off. Pets must remain in their carrying case for the duration of the flight. Most airlines allow one pet per passenger and two pets per cabin, though American Airlines allows two per passenger and seven per flight, so again, be sure to check individual rules. The maximum size for cabin pet carriers on American Airlines is 19 inches long by 13 inches wide and 9 inches high. Soft-sided pet carriers made of water-repellent, padded nylon with mesh ventilation on two or more sides may exceed size limits slightly because they are collapsible, but animals must still be able to stand up, turn around and lie down naturally. Pet kennels are counted as a passenger's carry-on bag or personal item, and a cabin pet charge is added the cost of the plane ticket.
Up first on our list of the 10 best airline approved dog carriers is the Pet Taxi kennel by Aspen
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Welcome to the Airline Approved Dog Kennels superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make owning and loving a dog as worry-free as possible. One of the biggest problems dog owners regularly face is finding a safe, comfortable carrier or kennel that meets the national airline requirements. We know what a hassle that can be (we've dealt with it ourselves!) and wanted to make things a little easier for you and your pet, so we scoured the web for the finest, high quality hard sided kennels and soft sided carriers that come pre-approved for air travel! Check out our whole selection to find the perfect choice for your dog, all priced up to 70% less than you'd pay somewhere else!

Pesky airline requirements should never get in the way of you having your best friend by your side at all times. While we would always recommend checking with your airline for specific requirements before showing up at the gate, these special carriers and kennels are made specially to comply with the air travel standards enforced by the vast majority of air carriers. But that hardly means your furry friend will travel in discomfort! No, these dog carriers feature the very best in comfort and safety features, allowing traveling pooches plenty of room, ventilation, visibility and room to rest whether the flight is long or short. You can alwys count on Pet Mountain having your back, on the ground or in the air!

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Photo provided by FlickrGiant Dog Crate Largest Pet Kennel Airline Approved Extra Large Travel Carrier.
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Since 1976, Day Hill Kennels has been providing pet travel air services for dogs and cats. Located just five miles from Bradley International Airport, we are able to make fast and efficient connections at a reasonable cost. By arranging all necessary health papers, providing airline shipping crates, plus boarding before or after flight, we make your dog or cat’s move an enjoyable experience. If your dog is traveling internationally the airline NOW requires for the safety of your dog a full 2-3" of extra head room above your dogs head or tip of ears (in pointy eared dogs). If you have an existing 500 size kennel that your dog is acclimated to and fits your dog but lacks the extra head room required, the 500Plus Kennel expansion kits are the perfect accessory. They easily modify your 500 XL dog kennel into airline compliancy. Simply add the two metal rails in between the top and bottom and install the new bigger steel door and you are all set. We suggest that, before you buy a travel kennel for your dog, you verify if his breed needs a Iata 82 reinforced airline kennel.The claims to be as airline compliant as the other pet carriers we've highlighted, but it offers features and accessories most pet owners will really appreciate. First off, snap-lock buckles make assembly a breeze and — wait for it! — casters can be added to the carrier itself, so you can roll it along by the handy-dandy towing handle on top. This portable sky kennel is made of durable plastic with a metal grid door and multiple vents for air circulation and visibility. If you're flying Delta, this might be the pet carrier for you. It does not have some of the durability of other carriers but Midwest offers the option of both the and handy pull handles to easily transport your dog. We think the Midwest Carriers may be the first carrier you look at before considering the others if it comes in a size that can work for you and can be easily made to meet your airline's requirements. You can .