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Hi, I recently read that Taste of the Wild released a new small breed formula, specifically the “Appalachian Valley” formula. I was hoping to read your review before making the decision to transition my dog to this food. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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I looked for different types of dog foods and went through various forums online. I had asked several owners if they had faced similar issues. I also inquired them about their take on various dog foods. Then, I searched through Amazon. After my research, it seemed that Taste of the Wild dry dog food products were the most popular and unanimously positively reviewed option. Let’s dive right into my honest Taste of the Wild dog food review to find out!
Photo provided by FlickrFor this Taste of the Wild dog food review we will be looking at the Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon.
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Taste of the Wild dog food reviews absolutely seem to agree on one thing: this is an excellent brand of dog food. Through my research of the company, its foods, and customer reviews, I’m inclined to agree.There is no history of a dog food recall for Taste of the Wild in the last two years according to the and reviews of Taste of the Wild dog food.Most of the reviews about Taste of the Wild are glowing. The few that did not like the food mostly had complaints about their dog switching abruptly from another food. This can, and usually does, cause severe digestive issues, because dogs’ bodies get used to their regular food. This can happen with any food, not just Taste of the Wild.The below NextGen Dog’s Taste of the Wild dog food review analyzes product’s ingredients and nutrition, sourcing and manufacturing, any certifications and marketing claims used.I love when I can get excited about a dog food I review. Taste of the Wild is a dog food I find myself getting excited about. I feel like the brand just understands dogs, and their owners, really well. You can tell by the brand website that the company puts a lot of thought into everything it does, from picking the highest quality ingredients right down to manufacturing and packaging the kibble.My dogs have had reactions to dog foods in the past. I switched to Diamond Naturals about 2 years ago, problems were resolved. I opened a new bag last week. In a few days both of my dogs have started having skin and eye reactions just like with previous foods. Now that I switched to Taste of the Wild since yesterday, and they seem to be improving. There was definitely an ingredient switch or some kind of error. I liked this dog food, it was a good price for grain-free/low-grain diets. I don't trust to feed this again.For this NGD Taste of the Wild dog food review, company’s Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine with Roasted Lamb has been chosen to represent their line of dry dog foods.Mary Straus puts Taste of the Wild on her list of top dry dog foods, but with more reservations than most reviewers. She's concerned that the use of exotic proteins might prove to be a problem in identifying a food allergy should one arise, and she notes that Taste of the Wild was part of the 2012 Diamond Pet Foods recall.