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Yes, despite being made by the same company, there was a serious issue for our puppies. I will say however, that this was around the same time I purchased all the Performance(4health) only to discover the wrong dog food in the bags. My husband thinks the same thing may have occurred and we not having used the puppy before would not have noticed. Either way, I have stopped using the Diamond and the 4health foods unless in a huge bind(one dog eats the Diamond Naturals small breed puppy due to the small kibble size)
4health Performance Dog Food.
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I have been purchasing 4health dog food for a very long time. I have never had ANY issues and my vet rants and raves about how beautiful my pit bulls are. They have very soft puppy fur their teeth are polished and overall weight is so perfect that my took pictures so she can show other clients. I feed the high performance but have seen a new salmon that has come out and I am really excited to mix it in and see how my dogs take to it. There are concerns that it causes BLOAT but bloat is not caused by a specific kind of food but food in general. I even refered my gf to feed the small bites to her small chi who is a picky eater and she loves it says her dog eat normal. Find 4health Performance Dog Food, 35 lb. Bag in the Dog Food & TreatsDog Food | Brand : 4health | Pet Type : Dog | Life Stage : All | Flavor :
Photo provided by Flickr4health Performance Formula is an above average dog food using chicken products for its meat protein source.
Photo provided by FlickrI now have one on 4Health Performance and the other 2 (much older) on large breed adult. The food grades out well, and my dogs thrive on it.
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I fed the 4Health performance/sports formula and while my pup liked the food, he lost weight on it. (4Health is a private label Diamond food, if you didn't know that.) I'm not saying it's a bad food but my pup is REALLY active with playing with my older dog a couple of hours per day and training for field trials with 350+ yard retrieves. The 4Health just didn't do the job in terms of keeping weight on him.Like other 4Health dog foods, 4Health Performance Formula for Adult dogs features two meat proteins at the top of the ingredient list – chicken and chicken meal. This food contains 30 % protein and has an estimated 30 % carbohydrate content which is definitely low compared to .4health Performance Formula for Adult Dogs Dog Food is specifically formulated to provide your hardworking athletic dog with the best nutrition available. The ideal levels of protein and fat support a healthy, lean body condition for longevity and vitality. Nutritional features like antioxidants, joint support, prebiotics and omega fatty acids all work together 4health.Why is this food best for your dog?
4 health dog food recipes incorporate Small Bites Formula for little breeds, Performance Formula with dynamic ways of life, Large Breed Formula for expansive breeds and Rice Formula. Each of these equations has meat recorded as its first fixing, and none of the recipes use poultry by-item supper or counterfeit hues or enhances, as indicated by the organization. They don’t utilize corn, wheat, or soy and they include crisp chicken and genuine salmon. They likewise have a Salmon, a Mature Adult equation for puppies 7 years and more established, and a. 4Health additionally has grain free equations: Potato, Beef, Turkey and Potato, just for grown-up canines. These nourishment have no corn or rice and meat is the first fixing. 4Health likewise has a few canned recipes and a few snacks for dogs.Thank you Mike and Jonathan! I try to stay on top of the foods I am feeding, and what is in them. I do understand that of course nothing is 100% perfect, but of course became concerned over these two changes-the other changes seem minimal, just a reshuffling of some of the “contents”. I always had good luck with the Native food, and was disappointed in having to switch. I chose 4Health by TSC and the dogs did great on the chicken & rice for the most part. Unfortuently, the Performance variety had quality control issues and several times the WRONG product was in the bag(TSC and Diamond are aware of this) Since I do have dogs with food sensitivities to wheat/corn, I could not continue to feed the product constantly wondering if the right food was in there!


If price in not an issue for you, then try Hill's Science Diet Active/High Energy. You can buy it at most farm supply stores like TSC or Orscheln's. This is a great product for the Canine Athlete. Once you feed it, you will know the difference from other foods.

the first ingredient is ground whole grain corn (i got this off the hill's website) and you're saying to try it if price is not an issue?! IMO save your money and find something species appropriate - dogs were designed to eat meat, not corn.

i'll be glad to give more feedback once the dogs have been eating the 4health performance longer - i think we'll be pleasantly surprised for the price (there's no corn, wheat, or soy). currently the dogs that are with me that aren't on raw get wellnessCORE. my 55lb pit eats 2c a day or less and maintains good shape (darn near fat). i've had similar results with taste of the wild and innovaEVO. minimal food input, minimal output, and they seem to hold weight really well.